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    We've never been at an all inclusive before and would like to get some packing tips. What do you wish you wouldn't have brought that wasted precious luggage space and what did you wish you would have brought?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swier View Post
    We've never been at an all inclusive before and would like to get some packing tips. What do you wish you wouldn't have brought that wasted precious luggage space and what did you wish you would have brought?
    Shoes!! My first time I brought waaaaayyy too many outfits and shoes to match.
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    This is an enormous thread on packing you may want to look at. I recall someone creating a list of every suggestion last year so maybe check the last couple pages. Otherwise the search tool on the site is very good and should help you find many others. Enjoy!

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    Shoes are what used to kill our packing back when we first started going to Jamaica. Then it was various outfits for all the theme nights back when we used to go to the H resort. Now... we can go with only carry on luggage for a week. But even if you're not willing to go bare bones like we often do, you don't need nearly as much as you might think.
    My wife takes evening shoes (usually a wedge because spikey heals will get you hurt), athletic shoes, and sandals for the beach. plus a couple bathing suits (we use the nude beach so don't need much during the day), a couple of workout/tennis outfits, about 4 sun dresses for the evening and will wear her favorites a second time, hat, sunglasses, phone, charging cable.

    I take usually 2-3 pairs of dress shorts, I wear the long pants I travel in if we go to the restaurants that require them, about 4 tropical shirts with a collar, 4 Tee Shirts, tennis shoes, beach shoes, docksiders. Phone, charger. Hat, sunglasses and a meds/first aid bag with just a few normal things in it.

    Our list ebbs and flows, but my main point is that most people never wear half the stuff they take.
    Have a great trip!

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    A few years back I read through the list that was referenced by Surfhary. I laughed at a lot of the stuff. I think some of the lists were from guest who had never stayed at Couples. I'm sure they had traveled to the Caribbean, but they had not stayed at a Couples resort. Rhaliva has it about right. Your days are spent in your swimsuit and your nights are casual where sundresses can be worn more than once as you are not in the clothes for very long. I don't take make up, I use their body wash and shampoo and take my own conditioner. Too hot to blow dry your hair so I just throw it up in a clip. Razor, toothbrush and deodorant and you are good to go. We too pack too much. I do my best to keep the amount we take to a minimum, but I always seem to throw a lot of last minute things in there that we never use. LOL. I've been to Jamaica 8 times now and I still over pack! Trip #9 is in 26 days and my goal is to NOT over pack!
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    We returned from our first trip to CSA a few weeks ago but it was our 13th AI vacation. We're returning to CSA in two months and we will be taking much less. I hurt my foot the first night (aka way too many martinis) and ended up only wearing one or two pairs of dress sandals out of the 6 or 7 pairs I brought and not a single person noticed. I also checked out their laundry prices and they were very reasonable. Instead of taking a pair of shorts and a different t-shirt for my husband for every day that we're there, I will bring half of that and spend a few dollars having a few items cleaned. I also plan to repeat one or two dinner shirts. And definitely won't be bringing towel clips, a float, too much sunscreen (we pre-tan) or an entire medicine cabinet worth of stuff. I will bring staples like Pepto, Neosporin, bandaids but the Couples gift shop has a ton of the "what-if" stuff. I can spend $30 on laundry and $15 in the gift shop and still save money when compared to checking another bag. Now if only we didn't take all of our snorkel gear we could probably do carry-on only.

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    I always seem to have too many 'nice' shirts and not enough t-shirts. Another great packing tip is to bring a bunch of plastic grocery bags. They take up almost zero room or weight and are great for bringing the eternally damp clothes back home.

    We try to pack loose on the way to Jamaica so we have room to take home bottles of rum and other things we purchase.

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    I didn't wear half the clothes I took to CTI...I went with neutral sandal to wear with several pieces of clothes.

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    We have taken advantage of the laundry service at CSA many times...always found it to be reasonable and very prompt. Usually the things we send in the morning are back by 2 or 3 in the afternoon the same day. I always take several things I never wear...hoping I can remember that when I pack for our trip in August.

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    My advice is to pack like you would normally, then take 75% out. You won't need it and more room for taking home rum and coffee.

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