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    Default Water temperature

    We are looking to book CTI in November, just wondering how warm the pool is on the island ?

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    The pool is not heated. Not really required in the tropics. We have been to CTI twice in mid February, the coldest time of the year. Not really cool. The water in any of the the pools is plenty warm enough that time of the year, mid 70's F. The ocean seems warmer than the pools.

    An observation. People use the pools on the resort, especially the pool with the swim up bar which sometimes tends to be a gathering point. However, I don't recall seeing many people in the pool on the island.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise
    Jack and Kathy
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    The pool water in the Island pool is definitely cold, but certainly refreshing once the afternoon heat starts to cook your body. Also a swim-up bar with a spot in the shade.

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