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    Default Trading Places Day Spa Question

    Hi! We are returning back home to CSA for our 5th wedding anniversary in November. This will be the third trip back to Couples for us in the last year and a half and really are wanting to do a treehouse massage at CN when we go for the Trading Places Day while we are there. Please tell me that this is still a possibility to book there for this when we are staying at CSA for the week. I was told last year they we could go this, but we didn't end up doing it. I'd like to surprise my husband with it for our 5th wedding anniversary if at all possible. Help! 😄 TIA!
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    Hi GBlues24,

    Apologies for the lengthy delay in responding. You can arrange for the spa treatment at CN while on trading places. Please ensure that you take your CC with you so charges can be done. Feel free to email me at to assist you in arranging this.
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    Thanks so much, Michelle! I really appreciate that. I will email you to get help arranging this for sure when it gets closer to arrival.

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