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    Default Kinda cool "back in the day"....the complimentary one-way flight from

    MBJ to the Couples resort....or from the resort back to MBJ. We took that flight from MBJ to Couples Ocho Rios twice. Even back then, it really didn't save much time...but it was sorta nice to see the island from the air....

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    Yeppers... we remember our flight well. Although the delays in getting to the Negril Aerodrome allowed the bus to beat us to Swept Away, the views were spectacular. Wonder when the road will be rebuilt again?

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    We took the flights many times both to Negril and Boscobel. Neat to see the landscape but never really a time saver. There were several times that we had to take the bus because the flights couldn't go because of bad weather.

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