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    We were planning a return for April 24 - May 8, only to learn that a group of 20-30 couples called "The Hooligans" have block booked most of those days. The inference of a name "The Hooligans" congers up images of rude take over crowd. We had an unpleasant experience at another resort with a different group. Has anyone had experience with large groups at CSS and specifically "The Hooligans" Thanks

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    We had an experience with a large group in April 2015. They weren't loud or obnoxious but it does result in a logjam of people at SSB which is where the group you're seeing will likely be all day. There was no room at the swim up bar and around the pool. The problem we experienced with the group travel is that they tend to do everything together so wherever they go, they take the area over. They don't mean to but it's what ends up happening, fortunately they were a friendly bunch.

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