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    Hi, This is our first trip to Jamaica for a 15th wedding anniversary and I wanted something special. CSS penthouse on their website looks lovely. I know sometimes you don't get what you request but I wonder if anyone has a particular room to recommend. I saw Angela Basset is popular and also E9 and E10. Looking for a lovely balcony and view and some privacy. Noted the AB suite has a little lattice divider on the balcony. Looks lovely though. Thanks for any advice.

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    We stayed recently in the Angela Bassette suite (D-21 is the room number). It was quite lovely and it had great views of the ocean. It does, as you note, have the lattice divider on one end of the balcony. We did actually have someone come over onto our balcony (beyond the lattice) while we were there and take pictures off of our balcony, which was a little startling (we were in our bedroom at the time with the curtains open - had we been changing or, erm, otherwise engaged, it could have been quite embarassing). I'm not sure why they don't fully block off the balconies because of things like that. Even so, I'd recommend this room fully. We loved the balcony, especially its view, and the rest of the room. Can't comment on the others, although the other penthouses in D appeared to have the latticed balcony situation as well.

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    Thanks v. much. Will try the request to the hotel. Saw the pics and it does look lovely.

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