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    From what I've read, Swept Away tends to have the youngest crowd. Tower Isle certainly had a younger crowd than Negril based to our own experience. But there are folks of every age at each of the resorts. We spent a great afternoon talking to 2 different couples who were in their 70's at CTI the year we went.

    CTI - 2013
    CN - 2015
    CSS - 2017 (?)

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    Honeymooners! We've been to all 4 and have typically seen younger people at CSA, CN and CSS (in that order). CSA has a disco. Both CN and CSS have great AN beaches. CSA and CN offer a catamaran cruise and also lots of room to walk on the beach. Since each resort is a little different, in a good way, it's important to do your homework and find the one that's right for you. The one thing you can count on in selecting your Couples Resort is that there isn't a bad one.

    Have fun!

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    Ive been to all 4 and I would say that the average age of the guests has more to do with time of year than specific resort. When we go in December it skews a little older than when we have gone in May and the summer months. I"m guessing weddings and honeymoons are a big reason for that.

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    We were at CSA for our first visit 3 weeks ago and there was a variety of ages there. We're in our early 30's and we weren't the youngest by far. One thing I learned about nicer all inclusive vacations a long time ago...don't judge the socializing and partying by age! We've met more older people that can out party us than younger, for sure. And, their stories and wisdom are usually much better.

    I can't help with any other Couples comparisons but we loved CSA so much we are going back in a few weeks. We never felt crowded and absolutely loved the tropical feel of it. The beach layout was great, never too crowded at all. Supposedly it will be even slower in September so we're excited about that.

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    What a great thread this is! I've always thought more honeymooners at CTI. However, CSA is pretty freakin fantastic, too! Best of luck and congrats Hubby and I celebrate 22 on 8/6, which is also Jamacia's Independence Day!

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlayaKel View Post
    We were at CSA for our first visit 3 weeks ago...we loved CSA so much we are going back in a few weeks.
    Holy cow, that's awesome!

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    We have been to CSS and CSA. Our personal favorite is Swept Away because of the beach, staff are wonderful at both. We have seen all ages, younger crowd is more common during the spring and summer months. During winter, most of the crowd are older don't look anything like the people in the ads...neither do we!

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    It is funny to read these and think the reason that some people don't like a resort is why we love it. You really have to figure out what is right for you it all depends on your personality but thats what is so great about the couples resorts they are all so different. We have only been to CSS and CN and we are going to do a split between CSS and CTI soon. We love CSS and were not fans of CN. We loved how CSS has all the stairs and all the places to explore. The beach is not as nice as CN but we really did not like the venders at CN they are very nice about leaving you alone once you say no thanks but there were just so many of them and I don't like to be bothered it really made it hard to enjoy the beach. Over all we found the staff at CSS to be much more friendly don't get me wrong the staff at CN were good but I just felt like the staff at CSS really go above and beyond to make you feel like you are welcome. Neither resort really had a great night life but maybe we just went out on the wrong night. Over all I preferred the food at CSS but I did like that CN had an Asia restaurant my husband was not a fan. The pool at CN was way bigger but you had to get out to go from the big part to the swim up bar. If you do au natural SSB what really nice. We had couple massage at both and hands down CSS only because we had our massage in the hide away up on a cliff with the sea breeze and the sound of the waves it was amazing. In our opinion the view was way better a CSS. The cat cruise was really fun. We met lots of people at both resorts and we never really worried about age we talked to everyone.

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    Not sure what you're looking at where you see elevators in Negril properties! CTI is a "big box" hotel. Small beach. Did not care for it at all. The people who like the nude island may love it there.

    CSS is beautiful, close to zero beach unless you go to the nude beach.

    CSA is where we go twice a year every year. The age group is varied...younger folks tend to gather more at the swim up bar end of the resort. We've seen couples there that we think are 12 😆 And couples we think are 80. No one cares... It's really a great mix of ages. The beach is the very best anywhere in Jamaica... You can walk for miles. Clear, calm water. You get a local vibe and feel more as its a public beach so lots of vendors walking by selling their goods or singing and playing music. It's our second home!

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    Best thing to do is go to all 4. Because as you see, each resort offers a different flavour. We've stayed at CSS twice and CN once and visited both CTI and CSA for a day each. CSS is our favourite. It's lush, sprawling, tropical, jungle-like setting on the cliff, private beach and warm staff made both our stays amazing. When we visited CTI for the day we both agreed that the modern/contemporary hotel vibe was too cool (cold?) for us although we had a great day lounging around the pool. We also loved the small resort feel at CN, the beach is awesome and the sunset cruise was so fun. From there we visited CSA for the day where we walked and lounged on the BIG beach but there were too many people on the beach trying to sell us something.

    It's important to mention that we are not AN guests so haven't experienced the island at CTI and only went to Sunset Beach once, in the evening, in our swimsuits, to watch the beautiful sunset.

    We'll be back on a 5 & 5 split to both CSS and CN in 42 days!

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