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    Default Gift Shop in Great House

    We were at CSA a couple of weeks ago. My husband purchased a long sleeve tee with couples swept away on the front and down the sleeve.

    Is there anyway to purchase another one of these shirts??? Can the gift shop be called ?? I would like a long sleeve tee for myself since its colder weather here now. I don't see the tee's available on the Couples Living.

    Thanks for any info...


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    The Gift Shop can be called by calling the resort and asking for the Gift Shop
    If they will Ship is a quick question you can ask when you reach them.
    It may be easier to find someone who is going that will be willing to pick it up for you

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    If not there should be an online store!

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    jonbuscher, there is an online store. not every item available at the gift shops are available online.


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    Someone from Couples emailed me about the shirts. Sadly they dont have my size. But they were going to ship it to me. Everyone at Couples is so professional and nice!

    I'll have to wait until I return to CSA to get my shirt...we just made reservations Dec 2010 ... 416 days.

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