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    Default Is the pool heated at SSB?

    This will be our first trip to CSS and SSB. We have gone to a AN resort before and the pool was heated---just wondered if the pool at SSB was too....

    We are so excited and counting the days until Feb 2010.

    Look forward to hearing from the folks on the MB!


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    All the pools @ CSS and also at all the Couples resorts are not heated. The climate in Jamaica does not require heated pools. It never gets that cold at night
    The hot tubs of course have heaters

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    I do not think the pool at SSB is heated. Not to worry though... It's Jamaica mon... and the hot tub IS heated! We have been to SSB in December three years in a row and while the pool is sometimes refreshingly cool, it has never been close to a no-go.

    Coincidentally to your question, an interesting water temperature contrast exists between the White River that flows into the sea at SSB and the sea water itself. One can sense "patches" of cool river water melding into the warmer sea water right off the beach. A situation that make SSB all the more unique and delightful to experience!

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    I do not know if it is heated or cooled. But the bar end is warmer then the walk up ramp to the cave area. The water on the ramp is on the cool side.
    Irie Mon

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    You are going to love SSB! Have fun and enjoy it....

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