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    Default wedding photography CSA 5/7/16

    I just wanted to let everyone know we used an outside photographer for our wedding photos and video and they did a phenomenal job, they are very relaxed and have much experience and will do anything that you ask if you have particular photos you want taken. I got the video and it was well worth it and about 300 pictures. Use these guys, you will not regret it!

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    Thanks Nicole for your suggestion,m my friend is getting married next month, will surely tell her.

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    ?????? What suggestion?

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    Please share your few images here I'll be more then happy to see them.

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    300 photos?

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    Nicole could you send me more information on who you used and the price. Thank you.

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    Hi can i please have their details i get married in January 17. Sarah-Jane & Brian x

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    Hi, can you please let me have the information of who you used and do you have some photos to show us? Thank you x

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