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    Default Replacement Romance Rewards Card

    So I cannot find my Romance Rewards card to save my soul. I have sent a note to Couples 3 times (starting in August) and have been told I would receive a replacement ASAP.....still haven't gotten it. Has anyone gone on their trip without their Romance Rewards Card and still been able to redeem the perks? Just curious because I'm losing hope that I'll ever receive a replacement. Thanks.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    Just pre register online before you go to receive your perks. we rarely show our card anymore.

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    The card does nothing.

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    All that Couples needs is your Romance Rewards number. The actual card is unnecessary. If you log into the Romance Rewards section of the site [ ] you can find your number there.
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    I've never used my physical RR card at the resort. I know the number and that's what I've used to log-in to the site and at the resort itself. The card itself is not necessary.


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    We never needed the card. As long as your acct. number is noted on your travel docs you will be fine.
    Jamie & David
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    Just tell them your RR number and you will be fine....

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    The last time we were there, I don't remember them even asking for our rewards card, but our nights did get applied. You can always log on to your rewards here and print out the information. The main page after logging in will display your name, address and guest number. Then you can print out your points tab I would think.

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    We're from the UK and have never received an actual card. But we do have a membership number and we'll make sure we take that with us when we next go in 92 days time!! If you know your membership number you can log in on thsi website and check that all your previous stays are showing. We had to get ours updated but they did it quickly once I posted a message on here about it (they too ignored my initial emails for some reason). Then once you're booked you can pre-register here and say which gifts you want.I'm not anticipating any problems with not having a card.

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    You don't need to show your card. Just write your RR number on the form you're asked to complete upon arrival.
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    I was able to get our RR points updated via e-mail with just my number--did you save that (you know, in that spot with all your passwords) by any chance? Also my TA had my # in her files....maybe the same for you?

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    Hi - We have yet to bring our Romance Rewards card with us and have ALWAYS received the perks.... we don't intend to bring the card on our next trip either.... Do you know your romance rewards #? That's the important info...

    ENJOY your trip!!!
    Art xo Francine

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    Hey Sharon!!!
    You don't have to have the card, just write down your number, and you will be good to go I hope your trip is amazing, you deserve it after the trying year you have had!!

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    all you need to know is your Romance Rewards number to put on the form when you check in. that and use the same number to pre check in to have your perks ready when you arrive.


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    Thanks everyone. I feel much better now. I do know my RR number so I'm good to go. Bkhiattky thanks for your support earlier this year. I need this vacation in a big because it has been a tough year! Last Friday would have been my Moms 74t birthday. All of these "firsts" are difficult to get through but I'm sure with time it will get easier. By the way, I never did get my Moms ashes. I've given up hoping that her nasty husband will see the light and do the right thing.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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