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    Long time CSA vacationers but usually go in either April or November. Thinking of switching to October but reading some bad weather reviews. Anyone have any good or bad things to say about the weather in October?

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    We have gone to CSA Oct 2013 and Oct 2015. Hot and humid. Afternoon shower some days. No wash outs at all. Love going in Oct. Next Oct trip is booked for 2017.

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    We have been traveling to Jamaica, most recently to Couples Negril, for the last 10 years or so. Our weather has been great each trip. But we have also met guests that were about to leave the resort saying the weather the previous week was very rainy. It's always going to be a bit of a crap shoot.

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    we went to CN over the Halloween week a couple years ago after having gone in June. We had a couple more rain showers/passing t-storms than in June but nothing significantly different to us.

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    We are going for the first time in October, am hoping its going to be as nice as April. We csn expect a daily afternoon shower but hopefully that's it. Good luck

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    October 2011- hurricane out at sea made the water rough and the weather eh. October 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit lightly but bad enough they removed all pool and beach furniture, boats, water sports equipment etc. a few days of rain and grif power outages. October 2013 beautiful.

    It's the tropics. It's hurricane season, and they tend to hit later in season (June thru November) . You can't gauge one year by the prior years. It's weather ��

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    Sept/Oct 2006, Oct 2011, Oct 2013 - all amazing weather!! Headed back this Oct and booked for Oct next year.

    We had to go in May last year and it rained more then it ever has in Oct.

    Yes it's hurricane season, so it could be rainy and crappy but we love going in October. We just make sure to purchase insurance just in case

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    Went to CN in October of 2013 and had awesome weather. Was back in November 2015 and had more rain in 8 days then in all prior trips to Jamaica combined. As was said above, I think it is a crap shoot.

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