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    Default Couples Negril dress code

    My husband and I will be going to Couples Negril soon. I do not own dressy pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses. I do have nice tops. I have nice blue jean shorts to go with the tops. We are not rich people and this is our very first trip in over 30 years. Cost quite a bit for us. Then we find out about these dress codes. Resort casual. Very confusing for us plain folkes. So my question is will my jean shorts with nice tops be acceptable? As for pants I only own jeans. We really can't afford to go buy new clothes for this trip. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I think you would be OK for all eating venues except for the reservation restaurant. For Otaheite I would suggest going to a discount store and buying a economical sundress to wear there. I am sure your husband has a pair of khaki pants, golf shirt or button up collared shirt, and a pair of closed toe deck type shoes that he could wear. With that you should be ready to go. Otaheite (the reservation restaurant) is really nice and I think you would enjoy it. Also you would not be wearing these clothes long so you could wear them at least twice during your stay if so desired. You do not have to be formal at this resort, just plan to have a GREAT time.

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    Only 1 restaurant has a real dress code, Otahiete, which you will probably eat only once during your stay. This is also the only restaurant that requires reservations. The problem is more for your husband than yourself. Blue jean shorts and nice tops would be acceptable for women. Men need long pants and closed toe shoes. For all the other restaurants just about anything goes. You will see some people 'dressed to impress' and you will see a lot of people in t-shirts and shorts.

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    The only restaurant where shorts cannot be worn is Otaheite. Very nice experience but I wouldn't go out and buy an expensive dress or pair of slacks just to go there. A couple of years ago, right before our trip, I was looking for some of those Hawaiian type shirts to wear at the resort. They were a tad pricey, considering I would only be wearing them while on vacation. Went to the local Goodwill store, got two Tommy Bahama shirts (which aint't cheap!) for $15. Someone else took the hit on those and probably didn't wear them more than once. Something to consider!

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    I have taken advantage of Goodwill when I needed a dress or husband needed a vacation shirt. As stated above, the only restaurant that has a dress code is Otaheite. Enjoy your vacation!

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    It is still very warm at night so a sundress is very comfortable too so get more than 1 if possible. I get ones on sale for $35 or less, some sold as cover-ups easily double as dresses too.

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    Congrats- cant think of a better place to go for a nice relaxing week ! With 1 exception, you will be able to dine in the attire you've mentioned. The food is wonderful at all of the dining options. Otaheite has a dress code- and I believe would be worth making a purchase to comply- Old Navy routinely has summer dresses for under $20.00. Splurge , if you've waited 30 years !

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    There are some very reasonably priced online sellers. You can get a sundress for under $30 at,, and

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