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    Default No Blue Mountain Coffee at CN?

    I just read the latest review on TA and they said Blue Mountain Coffee is no longer served at CN. Is this true? We are heading there in 12 days and sipping Blue Mountain Coffee on our verandah in the mornings is one of our favorite memories. We did notice that the coffee served in Patois at CSA was different back in March.

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    It was dropped from CSA a few years ago in favour of "Jamaican Coffee" in the rooms

    Can't recall this year if it was Jamaican or Blue Mountain in the best restaurants.
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    We were just there and I admit I drank it all. If what we had wasn't Blue Mountain it was just as good. I think you have been misinformed.

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    It's High Mountain coffee at csa from what I understand. Probably the same at cn. At $30+ a pound they can't serve it.

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    People sometime mistakenly think that JaBlum was served at the main restaurant at breakfast, but it has always been High Mountain coffee, not Blue Mountain. You can still get Blue Mountain coffee at dinner at some of the restaurants. I know it is still available (as of a few weeks ago) at Lychee and Otaheite. Not certain about Helconia.

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    Thanks for the input. The High Mountain coffee is just as good. Will ask when we get there next week.

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    If you can find 100% JaBlum at $30/#, buy it. Most places it is now $60+ due to drought, worker strife, and upward pricing pressure from exports to Japan.

    Last month, during our day pass to Swept Away, the gift shop price was over $60; across the street at the convenience store, it was $65. Same at the beach shops, if they could get it. One owner, perhaps protecting his own interests, suggested wariness at buying it from any beach shop, regardless of packaging, suggesting counterfeiting and knockoffs he said were easy to obtain and sell. He suggested buying at the duty free at MBJ.

    So on our return to the airport, we checked one shop that had beans at $62. Another had them at $60, but you had to ask for the price. Finally, we stopped at the shop in the middle of the duty free concourse and found Wallenford's at $45/#, which was the price I dug in at and refused to pay during our January reach. Now that I'm nearly out of JaBlum, I bit down hard and bought 2#.

    I hope the industry rebounds soon!

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    we bought some for $68 at the CN gift shop yesterday. We had $325 resort credit or we wouldn't have paid that much for it. They we serving JaBlum at most of the restaurants. We actually were given a thermos to take back to our room one night after dinner. It was delicious.

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