I know this is like a week late but it took me this long to stop pouting about leaving CSA.

Trip Down: US Airways flights were great got an upgrade out of Charlotte to Mo.Bay so we were first off the plane and did not have to wait long at Immigration although our immigration person was grumpy but that might have been due to the fact that My Darling Hubby was wearing a shirt that said "I am trying to see things from your point of view but I can't get my head up my butt!" Got to the couples lounge and barely had time to get a beer and water for to take with us on the bus.

Bus Trip: Including us there were 6 couples on the bus. Only one couple was new but they were there with friends. Stopped half way I did not get off the bus as My allergies and Asthma were bothering me some and I did not want to move. Hubby got a beer everyone else did too and we were off again. Stopped and let 3 couples off at CN what little I saw of it, it looks amazing. Then off to home...yeah. Turns out one of the couples on the bus to CSA was there when we were last year so that was cool.

Check In: Got off the bus got my cool cloth and left hubby to deal with the luggage as it should be. While we were checking in the came and apologized telling us that we would not be getting our Great house veranda suite we wanted so bad. They upgraded us though to a Ocean View Veranda so it was great except I got lost a few times but that may have been the rum.

Room: It was amazing we loved it. We had a first floor room with a view of the hot tub and the beach right by the wedding area.

Beach: Amazing as always. Clean as always. Only problem was the first full day there hubby got a chair that just did not want to sit up so he finally just went with the flow and laid down.

Bars: Once again we never made it to the martini bar for some reason so I can not comment on that. The bar on the beach closest to the GH was amazing Cardo, and Robert were the best was a little sad that Ricardo was not there but even Couples employees need a vacation too. The bar in the Piano Lounge/Aura Lounge was great. Missed Duke but Jerome and Michelle made up for that as well as Dermon (sorry if spelled wrong). Ultimate Chocolate was amazing as we remember. Hubby won rum again this time playing in the big game on Thurday.

Food: Lobster night was great. We ate mostly at Patois just because the food and service was so great. Breakfast and lunch served by Diana Kay was great. Went to Feathers once and for the first time I found something I did not like the chicken for some reason just did not taste good to me but you will get that any place other wise Feathers was great.

It was amazing to be able come back to CSA this year it will probably be few years before we get back our sitter whose anniversary is 2 days before ours said she wants to be able to do something for their anniversary so she won't watch the kids for at least a year or two.

We met some very wonderful and nice people. Tammy and Paul, Pam and Mark, Jenn and Ken it was nice to meet you and hope to see you at CSA again in the future.