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    OK, a little late. But here is my write up for our stay at Cn September 2015;

    Once again, we have vacationed in Jamaica. This time, to "Couples Negril". This is a fabulous ALL Inclusive resort, near Negril. Were there from Sept. 12 to 19. Had a great time. Met a lot of new friends, and ate a lot of good food. Below is my daily posts;

    Live From CN

    Was up very early Saturday morning, 0200! Who knew we wouldn't be able to sleep? My daughter got us to the Memphis so airport by 0400. Easy check-in, and plane lifted off at 0605. Easy flight to Chicago (yes, negative yardage), then on to MBJ. Was met by Club Mobay, and whisked through. Actually, we were the only plane there. No lines at all. Checked in at Couples Lounge, and learned there was a bus going out in a few minutes. Next would be in 35 minutes. Took t...he first one. Large bus, and driver was more "tour bus" style. Very informative. At CN, by 1600, checked in and unpacked. Building 3, ground floor. Do a little exploring before dinner. Still in travel clothes, catch a few shots of the sunset. We then walked over for a Rum Cream at the swim up bar, and I hear "Art, we saved you a seat"! Well, can't ignore that! Shoes came off, and waded in! So much for going to Lychee for dinner. The buffet, in wet clothes. Now, wiped out. In bed much earlier than I wanted, but has been a long day.

    Live from CN

    First full day started way too early, 0400. Not that I slept bad, just asleep (passed out) early. Went to the gym, walked the beach, and waited for breakfast. Started off beautiful, and remanded so into the afternoon.
    After breakfast breakfast, to the beach. Mid morning, we did parasailing. That was awesome!! More beach. Lots more beach.
    For dinner, Lychee. Food there is amazing. Last night, Linda is wiped out. Ended up back at the room for our evening drink on the patio. This time, it's Disarono on ice. And listen to the Tree Frogs. The end of a wonderful day.

    Live From CN

    Second full day completed. While the morning broke very overcast, it developed to a "partly cloudy" day. The beach was perfect. Cool breezes all day, made it most comfortable.
    Was also a good morning to do the Glass Bottom Boat. The crew informed us that they would "tell us everything they knew, and what they didn't; they would make up"! As usual, very interesting and educational.

    For instance; we learned that the locals call the little fish we were, " the Little Fish"!!
    Several locals with stands set up. Some cool things. Then more Beach Time. Soon it was time to get ready for the "Manager's Cocktail Party", followed by the " Repeater's Dinner ". There are a half dozen couples here from this page. Very cool getting to meet and talk to them.
    The Repeater's Dinner was, as usual, amazing. Something not to miss. We were seated across from a lovely couple from S.C. Linda Hale Friess mentioned that her grandson was there for training with the US Marines. And that her oldest grandson had been to Ft. Jackson and then to Ft. Leonard. This especially got their attention, as their son had also graduated Ft. Leonard as a Combat Engineer. The same as Matt Hale. We also learned that he was KIA in Afghanistan. This reminded us of the sacrifices so many families have made for our Country. It was an honor to have met them.
    Back at the room, our evening Rum Cream nightcap. Then off to sleep.
    Please keep our friend, Lindsey Jackson Johnson in your thoughts and prayers.

    Live from CN

    Third full day (Wednesday) in. Beautiful morning. Sand Gravity hit us hard. Barely moved from the beach. After lunch, we did attend the Pastry Class. Pretty interesting, and we got a recipe book. Right after posting we hadn't been rained on so far, it clouded up and poured. Note to myself; don't do that again!! Rain in Jamaica is different than rain in Tennessee. The temperature of "Liquid Sunshine" is about the same as the pool. And only lasted about an hour and a half.
    About 1600, we came back to the room to clean up and get dressed for our scheduled "Sunset Photoshoot" at 1800. At 1740, we got dumped on. So much for Sunset anything. But we did get pictures took.
    After the photo session, we went up to the Piano Bar for a glass of wine. Dinner would be at Otaheite. Needless to say, it was amazing.

    Live from CN

    Forth full day in. Jamaica broke to another beautiful morning. And the day already planned. I had been wanting to get Linda a Couples pendant for a couple of months. Figured I could get one while we are at CN. Not available. Crap!!! Then saw on the CSA Facebook Page that a member there posted she had just bought one. OK, we'll just do a "Trading Places" thing, and see. Once over to CSA, headed straight to the Logo shop, and success!! After that, we took a little 10 minute stroll down the beach to Margaritaville. Linda had promised a T-Shirt to granddaughter.
    Back to CSA property, straight to the Swim Up Bar, for a drink. Another couple were about to do Bob Marleys . But the bar tender had made 3drinks. What to do??? Yes, I joined in. My first. My mouth said; "not that bab." But my stomach was saying; "What the hell are you thinking?".
    A light lunch at Seagrapes of Fish Tacos, some beach time, a few more drinks back at the pool, and it was time to head back for the bus to CN.
    Did get an afternoon shower, but cleared for another spectacular sunset. Folks, be on the beach at 1800 (6:00 pm) for this nightly show!!

    Live from CN

    Fifth full day in. I know the sounds repetitious, but another beautiful morning in Jamaica. After prebreakfast on the back deck, and visits from numerous birds, we went to the restaurant for the big breakfast. Then to the beach. A swim, a walk, and sand gravity! Once again we were entertained by Donavon. We now think of him as "The Sound of CN".
    Before lunch, we had Salsa Dance Lessons! If they had salsa on the menu, we could have danced!!
    For the af...ternoon, we had the Cat Cruise to do. Just before, it clouded up and a light shower. People literally sprinting from the beach, to get under shelter. " OMG, we're gonna get wet!". REALLY????
    The Cat Cruise, as usual, was a lot of fun. For the first time, I swam out to the caves. Note: there ARE bats in the caves! Also, for the first time, I went off the slide. Very fun. Due to the clouds, not much of a sunset, but saw Double Rainbows. Remember; no rain, no rainbows!!!
    After dinner, in the piano bar, entertainment by Donavon. What more could you ask?

    Live from CN

    Yesterday, last full day. Again, a beautiful morning. Love the early morning walks on the beach. The Beach Crew is already at it, raking and picking up from the day before.
    Back to the room for prebreakfast with Linda Hale Friess and a lot of birds! Can't forget to feed the fish, then down to the restaurant for breakfast.
    The beach is perfect. We have the same spot, under a Seagrape, all week. Nice view, and Donavon singing right in front of us, day. Also was close to the Swim Up Bar. Always a good place to be. Drinks with new friends, and even a Bob Marley or two.
    Another mid afternoon shower. Nice timing. Needed to precheck in for our flight today. The computer room is perfect for this, even has a printer! We also took the three day packs of school supplies we brought, up to the office. Now, have plenty of room in our luggage for the Rum Creams we will get at the airport.
    Friday is Lobster Night, and definitely worthy of a last dinner. Outstanding!!! Did see a few more friends last night. Then, off to bed.

    Gonna be a long day today. The bus to the airport leaves at 10am. Flight is out at 2 pm. A long one to Chicago, a couple hour layover, then on to Memphis. I think we land there after 9 pm.
    I will post a write up in the very near future, with an album of pics. For now, to the many who are here now, and those still coming; enjoy Jamaica! We certainly did.

    One of the truly fun things was meeting several members of the "Couples Negril" Facebook Page. From the VERY first day, until the time we left; we were talking with members of this Facebook page.

    A little about Club Mobay; We were an employee, as soon as we landed at MBJ. Whisked through security, and to Luggage Claims. Then through final clearance. And o to the Couple's Lounge. There we learned that a bus to CN was leaving for CN in just a couple of minutes. Or, we could wait 35 minutes for the next. We chose the former! At our time of arrival, our's was the only plane. So. there was no lines at all. It DID get us to the Couples Lounge in time to get that first bus. We doid not get to enjoy any other of the Clun Mobay amenities. Departing was a different story. The airport was very crowded. Club Mobay rushed us through everything. and to their lounge. Drinks and food. So yes, Club Mobay was worth the added expense.

    Below are the Resort Lessons Learned (RLL)

    RLL 1 - There won't be much sleep, the night before the flight.

    RLL 2 - The success of a Resort Stay is directly proportionate to how little time is spent in the room. You can sit in a room, watching TV, at home.

    RLL 3 - Do not eat and or drink so much first day, that you are sick the next day.

    RLL 4 - Beach Shoes (Flip Flops) that feel good at home, may not after 2 days on the beach.

    RLL 5 - "Trading Places" can be an experience of it's own.

    RLL 6 - Parasailing is a new high!!!

    RLL 7 - Do NOT spend all of your cash the first 2 days!

    RLL 8 - The Returnee's Dinner is not to be missed.

    RLL 9 - Do not leave your Beach Shoes (Flip Flops) near the Watersports Shack during the Cat Cruise.

    RLL 10 - Some of the Beach Entertainers are pretty good. These people DO work for tips.

    RLL 11 - Rain in Jamaica is much warmer than rain in Tennessee. "Don't wait for the storm to pass, but go out and dance in the rain".

    RLL 12 - When it does rain, be there when the skies clear. Remember; "No Rain, No Rainbows".

    RLL 13 - Bob Marley s deserve the reputation.

    RLL 14 - Finish the evening on the Veranda, with a Rum Cream, listening to the Tree Frogs.

    And an album of pictures;

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    Thanks for sharing ��

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    What did you like so much about the returning dinner? This will be my first time invited, and I'm not sure if it's worth going.

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    Nice job. Thanks for taking the time to write it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Duderino View Post
    What did you like so much about the returning dinner? This will be my first time invited, and I'm not sure if it's worth going.
    Definitely worth it. This is a First Class Dinner. Dress Up. Well, Tropical Dress. And at each table, a manager from the Resort. A nice way to get some local input. And don't miss the Managers Cocktail Party prior.

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    The food is definitely among the best served, if not the THE best. Also, the conversations with management and other guests are quite interesting. Get some insight into the operations of the resort.

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    You get a chance to meet management and you then have to opportunity to learn things about the resorts that you would never know. One year we were seated with the manager of CSS (Pierre) and had some very interesting chats regarding how they hire new help and how they try to provide a sense of family to their employees. We talked about Couples philosophies regarding tipping....we talked about plans to make the resorts "greener".
    Another time we were seated with a member of the entertainment staff....I have never laughed so hard in my life...she kept our entire table entertained. She was also very curious about the USA....that year I also won a prize during the drawing....$50 to spend in the gift shop!

    Lastly, You will be served a meal that is generally beyond your imagination with impeccable service. You will also meet other guests and probably make new friends.
    Gene and Jeanne
    CSS October 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
    CSS/CTI October 2018

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    Dear acranger,
    Thanks so much for your CN review and the photos. My husband and I have been to CTI twice but I really want to try CN. We like to spend our time at the pool/pool bar! Quick questions: 1. I know the cats are at CN because the resort next door was torn down and they have migrated to CN. Were they in the dining area or just around the resort? 2. were you bothered at all by the construction next door? 3. were bugs and creepy crawlers a problem in the ground floor room?


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    We went to the Repeaters Dinner last year and hated it. WAY too many people, it was so noisy you couldn't even talk to your spouse across the table, never mind anyone else at the table. The food wasn't anything special at the dinner we attended, never got to talk to any of the management (too many people, too noisy) and the service was spotty. We've heard from others that also have said they were disappointed with it and just skip it now. My husband said you couldn't pay him enough to attend again, even it it was at another (smaller) Couples resort. Don't get me wrong...we love Couples, and it could be that we just hit it at a bad night, but it's not for us.


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