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    Default CSS Penthouse Suite with best view?

    We have a PS booked for 7 nights in February 2017. Which one has the best view so we can put in a request?


    Helen, UK

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    It kind of depends on what you consider the best view...if you want the main beach, the Roger Moore suite is great (just brutal sun in the afternoon). If you want a balcony that you can actually sit on after you come back from the beach, the Angela Bassett suite is beautiful. That however, is on the other side of the building and has a mostly junglish view, with partial water. (They are both in block D.)

    Keep in mind, they can't promise you the room, but it doesn't hurt to ask. We have requested specific penthouses twice. One time we got what we wanted, and one time we didn't.

    They also have penthouse suites in Building E. The view from the balcony is nice, but they are nowhere near the size of the ones in D.

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    Not a Penthouse Suite but you will not get a better view than G 15a. The room is a standard size but the balcony rocks. The view is spectacular and the balcony is huge. The best place on the resort for afternoon champagne and a sunset. G15a is on the top floor and G16 is directly below it (Really weird numbering in G) so the view there should be almost the same. I believe it is a suite. G15b is a suite next to G15a but the balcony is on the wrong side.

    We've stayed in the beach front suites many times and will now always go for the "downgrade" to the high side for the view, much larger balcony and much more privacy. BTW. We both run so the stairs were not a consideration. If they might be for you I'd just guess that it's 147 from the beach to G15a....just a rough guess. :rolleyes

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