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    Default Trying to book a vacation for April but...

    I don't see an option for the Love Away plan. Has this been discontinued?

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    Hi - LoveAway is only available outside 180 days prior to arrival.

    Couples Resorts

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    Don't feel bad, I was hoping to do the same thing for our end of March/April trip when I realized I was within the 6 months...ugh! Still saving for the deposit =(

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    Now some you understand why some of us book a year in advance. Find the best price before they rise and BOOK IT!

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    I guess on the plus die Rastagirl is the fact we're both within 6 months of a Jamaican holiday! :-)

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    Did you go through with your plans for April, our crazy group will be there April 17 > 24th

    144 days, 18 hours, 8 min, 40 seconds til wheels up

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