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    Default Checking in with the support group

    We've been here since sunday, and all I can say is wow! Everything has exceeded our expectations , and I feel they were set pretty high from the get go. Food is great, no matter where or what you eat. Service, amazing never waiting for a drink, and most of the time I get two without asking! ( I think they see me as a lush, but oh well....We're on vaction. Got married yesterday and how beautiful and perfect it was! The WiFi has been great, I've read a few comments about it being spotty. It may take a little while, but if something needs to be downloaded, no worries mon. A few more days and we'll be back to reality, but the memories will last forever!!!!!!
    Rosko and melissa

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    Glad you are having a great time and congrats on getting married. Couples (especially CN) provides a GREAT vacation.

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    What resort are you at? Congrats on the marriage, glad you are enjoying your trip!

    CSA 2014
    CTI 2017

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    Where are you? CN, CSA, CTI, CSS?

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