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    Default CSA Ultimate Chocolate

    I have seen this name a few times on this board. What its it ???? LOTS of Chocolate !!

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    Ultimate Chocolate is an entertainer that appears in the piano bar at CSA four nights a week. His show is not to be missed! He is one of the most positive people in the world. Arrive early to see his show because his show is always packed I think his show is at about 9 PM

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    He is the piano player at the piano bar. He's the best!

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    I have not been to CSA yet, but have been perusing the message boards on a regular basis and can tell you that I have learned that Ultimate Chocolate is a man, a musician who entertains in the Piano Bar. They say he is not to be missed. I also hear that part of his show is that he passes the microphone around and everyone can join in a sing karaoke style along with him.

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    Ultimate Chocolate is one of the reasons we can't wait to return to CSA. He is the Entertainer at the Piano Bar. He is an amazing pianist and an even more amazing person. He has a way of making everyone feel like one big family instantly. You must not miss spending the evening with him and singing along while he works his magic on the piano.

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    No he is the most amazing piano player at CSA.

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    We missed him the first time. I can't wait until 8/2010 so we can see him!

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    Get there about 9, get a drink, and SIT at the PIANO!!!! It is such a better experience when you are closer, in my opinion!

    We spent three nights with Ultimate, laughed, drank, and just had a ball. It was very enteratining! One night we played Name That Tune for bottles of can you beat that?
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    Funny, 14 nights spent at CSA so far, and I have never seen UC.

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    IACouples, you are truly missing out....check him out the next time you get there and you will kick yourself for not having done so on earlier trips!

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    IACouple, where have you been on those 14 nights? Are you guys newlyweds doing the boom boom in your room or just never made it into the Greathouse in the evening? We spent two nights with Ultimate last December and he was one of the things that we cherish about the trip. We sang along one night, sans mic and my wife won one of the "name that tune" prizes the other night. On your next trip get a few drinks in ya both and go let your hair down with Ultimate! I assure you that you'll be addicted to Choclate after that.

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