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    Does the resort carry rums other than Appleton? Particularly looking for brands like Havana Club, Ron Zacapa, Plantation, etc. Also, is cigar smoking permitted on the verandahs.


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    I have never seen those brands before, but i have also never searched out those specific ones. I usually stick to Appleton Special and VX.

    As far as smoking on the balcony/patio, I believe it is still allowed, but since there is no smoking in the room allowed, your best bet is to keep the door closed while doing so. I have enjoyed a couple cigars on my balcony in previous trips, but now i usually stick to enjoying them on my lounger on the beach.
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    Smoking on the balcony is officially banned by the strictest interpretation of Jamaican law but the resort does not enforce it. In fact, I believe they still have ashtrays on the balcony. The way the law is written you are allowed to smoke anywhere outside that is not covered by a roof. So, no smoking at the swim up bar but one foot to the right it's ok. Go figure. I just lay on the beach or by the pool and don't worry about it.
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