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    Default Specialty coffee options

    My husband and I are going to CSS end of July and I like to drink coffee but I put flavoring and stuff in my coffee. Does the resort have specialty coffee's or chai's and stuff that you can get?

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    Rum cream is pretty tasty in coffee, and you can get a glass full from one of the bars and keep it in your room fridge for just such an occasion...

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    I have never seen those options, but I have never asked. I drink coffee every breakfast with milk and sugar, and coffee on some nights with rum cream. Try it with rum cream definitely!!!

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    Well I do put rum cream in my hot chocolate at home already! LOL

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    I'm just excited for the coffee there (hetoepfer82's hubby). I love Blue Mt. coffee. Only if there was a Couples resort in Hawaii so could get fresh Kona also. lol. Can't wait to try the tiramisu.

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    Pallazina has espresso and cappuccino available, at least for breakfast. Many specialty alcohol coffees for dinner too.

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