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    Thank you Bert! Love all the updates, especially about the construction. Guess we'll just have to wait until July to see how far along the new resort will be! Enjoy the rest of your time in paradise!

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    Hi Bert.

    Like the daily updates. On the construction on the new resort is there any affect the Au natural beach or staying in building 9 at CN?
    Also what nights is Donnavon at the piano bar?
    25 days and counting
    Thanks for any info

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    It was great running into Francine & Art (& Their Carolina friends) on the beach this morning. They are a funny, fun couple. (it may have frightened some to have so much Jersey concentrated in one area )

    Beach-bum - I go on the road. If you want to do beach from CSA, my guess is that at the northern end of Long Bay Park (the public beach) you would have to go to the road...about 1 mile from CN.

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    To the person who made the shirt for Andre: bravo!

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    We just ran into Anit (from the April CN meet-up page). It's fun to place a name with a face...and Anit is a hoot!

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    On shore breeze this afternoon (rare in my experience). This is the closest I have ever seen the parasail. (sorry for low resolution...wifi from the beach works better with smaller files )

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    This afternoon is the first rain we have had...and not complaining at all. We have been blessed with spectacular weather.

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    Construction: it is an impressive project, lots of activity. There must be hundreds of workers on the site (seat of the pants says 200-250). The concrete pumpers have been busy, 2 or 3 of them moved multiple times of day to pour the structural stuff. They start early, work late, seemed like 7 days. Not all bulidings are poured to 4 floors yet. I don't see how they open in 2016 (but I am a rum-soaked tourist, not a construction engineers).

    Impact on rum-soaked tourists (my area of expertise): if you want to listen to construction noise, you can hear it. But you have to be looking for it. Definitely louder on the south/AN side, near zero in front of building one. No one should worry a minute about the noise. Based upon this week it is minimal.

    Wanna get naked?: One local person told me that the adults only section of the new resort will be adjacent to the AN beach. Couples has said there are no plans for any changes to AN beach. My guess would be business as usual at the AN beach indefinitely.

    Might be poor resolution, but this is the view of construction looking south from the waterline in front of Building 1:

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    Frandele - Donnavon has been playing Tuesday and Thursday evenings 8:00-9:00 in the Piano Bar (edit: he plays on Saturday night as well). We will be seeing him again tonight. I love his new song "Ganja Pants" (ask him to tell the me, it's Donnavon's "Alice's Restaurant").

    I did tell Mr. Wayne Williams that to me, the single biggest improvement year on year has been welcoming Donnavon Dalrymple. He is joy personified (yeah, I'm a fan ).
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    Love & respect.

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    We are sitting in the Piano Bar waiting for our friend to sing and play for us one more time (this trip).

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    My how time flies when you are having fun. We take the sad bus today just before noon. But as I always say, you have to leave before you can come back again.

    We took a walk on the road this morning. Ralston at sucurity told us that if you walk down to the Boardwalk (less than 1 mile south) you can cut through to get to Long Bay Beach. That would be shorter than walking to the public beach. The Boardwalk is open 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

    I will likely post a picture or 2 in the coming days...

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    New upstairs MoBay departure lounge is bright, view of taxiway, child-free...I like it.
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    Thanks for the update. I sure will ask Donnavon about "Ganja Pants". Glad the AU natural is staying. More Jersey on its way 24 days "Bergen County"

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    Thank you, Bert, for all the updates. Particularly the great picture showing the status of the construction of the Royalton. I'm sure most CN regulars are concerned about how that will change things in that little corner of Jamaica. I'm happy to hear that the construction disruptions were minimal for you and that you had another wonderful visit to Couples Negril.

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    As always Bert, I enjoyed reading your thread while you were vacationing in lovely CN. Your posts are always so well as entertaining. Thanks loads for the prelude to our vacation....beginning this Thursday at CN. Safe travels back to Jersey!!!

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    Bert, It was GREAT to see You and Linda Again @ CN .... So Much FUN!! And we were So Lucky with that Beautiful Weather. 9 Days just goes by way too Quickly! Take Care and Time to Start the Next Count Down !!
    Art xo Francine

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    Thanks for all the posts and info.

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    Art & Francine - do you have your 2017 dates yet?

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    Hi Bert, Ya Mon !!! We are booked for Another 2016 Trip to Paradise and already booked for 2017 !! Trips # 25 & 26 to CN and 29&30 to Couples !!! Love Love Love CN !!! Will email the dates to Linda
    Art xo Francine

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    Thanks for the updates Bert. Was Donovan the only local-talent playing the piano bar during your visit?

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    Kevin Sterling also played and sang in the Piano Bar (I think he's there 3 nights a week) HE'S VERY GOOD ! And Paul is still there at the Piano for Sing-A-Longs a Couple of Nights a week (later in the night) ...
    Art xo Francine

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    Does this mean that Paul Tucker is no longer at the piano bar at CN, or is this an addition. I'd hate to see Paul go.

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    Paul is still there - as of April when Bert and I were there. The local talent (Donnavon, Kevin) played from 8:00 - 9:00 pm and then Paul came in and started at 9:00, if I recall correctly (they do have Grey Goose in the piano bar, which could account for my fuzzy memory...:-))

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    In addition.

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    Thank you for your post. My husband and i just booked this same week in 2017, April 8-15! This will be our very first trip to Jamaica and our first at a Couples Resort!! I am super excited! In your opinion, because I've never been to an all-inclusive, and I chose this one based on it's small intimate size....will the new huge resort being built next door have an impact on the amount of people on the beach?? Is the beach in front of CN for CN guests only??

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