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    Default Live from CN - April 2016

    Not at CN quite yet, but at JFK waiting for the 7:07 to Montego Bay, hoping to be on the beach before noon.

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    Hi Bert,

    We'll be interested in your opinion of the construction going on at the Royalton. Have heard mixed opinions...We are traveling in July and hoping it won't be too noisy or intrusive. Have a wonderful time in a very special place!

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    Arrived in lobby at 11:47.
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    Ya mon!
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    After check-in & some reservations with Destin, first stop was to see Ivylynn at the pool bar. Appleton's & diet in hand at 12:03. We have officially arrived. Saw Dennis the hat man for a hat, said hello to Donnavon and just got some jerk chicken and veggie bar food. Life is good!

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    Awe Bert! Your post is my prelude to CN two weeks from today! My hubby and I are so excited about our return home. Love the photos! Thanks loads....and keep us all posted on your stay!!!

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    Awesome day on the beach. Waking up at 2:30 a.m. for an early morning flight is totally worth it (say what you will about NJ, but flight availability and noon arrival at CN is sweet).

    ginjoe - we tend to stay toward the beach in front of building 1 and construction noise is ZERO. The new buildings are a bit stark as they are concrete shells with no landscaping, but my hope is that when finished it will be fine. I will adventure south for a more detailed construction report in coming days.

    Runner44: I'll keep you posted (and will hope for an update or two when it's your turn ).

    Crabracer & Mrs.: I know our paths nearly crossed today. Do know that we will have a virtual cocktail together this week. We wish you the best!

    Michelle G. - please let me know if you are in Negril this coming week. We would love to say "hello".

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    Bert, say hi to Okeno. Will see him on the volleyball court in a couple weeks.

    Life is good

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    Best CN addition: Donnavon Dalrymple in the piano bar. My wife says he has a kind soul (she is right). He is a Negrl treasure. I love being able to hear his guitar so clearly in the piano bar. If you come to CN, don't miss him.

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    Thanks Bert for the posts. A CN addict like me cannot get enough info on what is happening and fellow travelers like yourself really help me make it until my next trip.

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    Bert....Damn you, how the hell do you have this much time off...Don't you work? Enjoy, knock back a few Red Stripe for me, along with some Jerk Chicken. Will expect a full report, photos will help get me thru this!!

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    After last nights "performance" in the piano bar makes the thought of a Red Stipe a bit daunting this morning. But a man's got to do what a man's got to do...I'll go have a Red Strip for you right now Walt. Good to here from you (I have worked my way up to good vacation time)

    I'm glad you enjoy the updates msbeachbum, I have a ton of fun sharing them. I will look out for Okeno Beach.

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    By far the best Thread on the forum!! Thanks for sharing.

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    Here you go Walt.
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    I just had jerk chicken for lunch.

    I tend to be a meat & potato kind of guy so I wasn't that excited to hear about the veggie bar. To my surprise, it is transformative...I love it! I order my jerk chicken while my wife goes for some veggie sides. The food is cool, healthy and delicious. The crispy veggie spring rolls are outstanding.

    I like to do my part at lunch and bus my own table when I am through. Today when I brought over my dishes, Trisan gave me the prettiest smile and said "love and respect". That was a nice little moment

    Oh, the pizza oven...great addition! Being a NJ guy, I am a self professed pizza snob (NY/NJ/CT is the pizza capital of the me). What they serve is not a NY style pizza, but it really is quite good. So far, I have been loving all of the food and the changes have all been for the better.

    Have I mentioned how much I love CN?

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    Another small change: the radio in our room has the newer iPhone charging port.

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    I love reading updates from people there We will be back in 8 weeks, 4 days! Are Okeno, Kiev, Deano, and Bellard still there? We love playing volleyball - feels like I'm working off some of the daiquiris!

    We're flying out of Chicago again this time and our flight time is 5:30AM......since we live in WI, that means we'll be up at about 1:30am to hit the road. But we too, hope to be at the beach by noon!

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    Hey Bert! Thanks for the update on the Piano Bar with Donnavon....sounds like so much fun! The pizza and veggie bar sounds outstanding too!! Keep those outstanding updates coming! By the way....the photo of you having your morning Red Stripe is a great one. That first Red Stripe of the day always tastes so good!

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    Yesterday afternoon clouds were a welcome relief on a hot beach then they cleared for a nice sunset. Rack of lamb at Haliconia was great followed by Donnavon in the piano bar. It was a fun day. I haven't been hitting the gym (I have to change that if the eating and drinking are to continue).

    Yesterday as I was getting a beer at the pool bar Elkie said "I haven't seen your wife yet. You tell her hat Elkie is crying." So my wife took a tissue over to Elkie and as she handed it to her said "I brought you this." Elkie looked confused and asked "why?" And my wife said "I heard you were crying and thought you might need a tissue." They both had a good laugh over that one.
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    Each time I start this thread I have all good intentions of keeping it current. But then one day flows into the next know. We are having a great time. So far, afternoon clouds have been our friends. CN is great. Any talk of slippage must be based upon limited anecdotal information. We are witnessing consistently high standards (though I could be dismissed as a cheerleader).

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    Bert...Thanks for the Couples fix, Peace

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    I could get used to Monday mornings like this.

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    (trying to edit to fix picture...not working out too well )
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    Default Thank you Bert!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bostonwalt View Post
    Bert...Thanks for the Couples fix, Peace
    I look forward to your daily reports and hopefully pictures! Thanks so much for this! Hope the rest of your vacation is awesome and that the sun comes back out for you!

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    Every Couples trip takes on a different vibe. Sometime we are social and sometimes we are reserved. Sometimes we do lots of activities and sometimes we succumb to sand gravity. This trip has been lots of food and drink, minimal activity (not a good combination for us). So this morning we hit the bullet for a good gym workout. It was good to see Wayne. He encouraged our activity but acknowledged the need for relaxation (which we have excelled at ).

    We do a private sunset cruise tonight...I'll get a few photos.

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    We had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Wayne Williams as the cocktail reception. I always love to give feedback live and being Couples fans, it's positive and fun.

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    I haven't been running since last June (plantar fasciitis). I have been feeling ok, so today I did the CN>CSA>CN run. Well, actually it was the slow jog>walk>slow get the picture. I started at 7:45 so it was already a bit warm.

    New construction: those first 2 buildings are on top of Norman Manley Bvd., maybe 20 feet from the road. It's a big resort. Little impact on CN during construction. I suspect (and hope) the minimal impact will continue. I ran (jogged, walked) by the site, likely at the start of the shift (just before 8:00). They employ lots of people. I bet there are 25 small grills/kiosks outside to feed the construction staff. From the CN beach I have been noticing the concrete pumping trucks. They are busy - repositioned multiple times a day. They are pouring and building quickly, I hear trying to open by December (I can't fathom meeting that deadline).

    Sunset cruise yesterday was a blast. I will try to post a picture.

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    Bert, Where did you cut through the construction area to get to the other side of Hedo? We were wanting to walk back to CSA last March from CN and didn't really know the new route. We might walk back to CN from CSA on our next trip when we do trading places. Thanks.

    Life is good

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