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    Default Sangsters Rum Cream Prices at Airport - April 2016

    Just got back from CSS a few days ago. For those that suffer from rum cream withdrawal after your trip and are planning on purchasing some before you return home, I thought I would post what we just paid at the Duty Free at MBJ.

    Two one litre bottles of Sangster's Original Rum Cream came to a total of $27.20 USD. They had a special on where you save 20% if you buy two one litre bottles of Sangster's rum cream.

    They also had the flavoured rum cream for the same price.

    The clerk said that it would last 1 year after being opened in the refrigerator but we will have to check that one out. We'd rather drink it up and enjoy it than try to eek it out and end up eating it with a fork... Anyone have the official word on how long this stuff lasts after opening?

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    I have a bottle of coffee flavored rum cream from when we got married 3 years ago. Not sure when it got opened. Don't store it in the fridge, and it is still fine.

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    An opened bottle doesn't last very long at our house. ��

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