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    We (Josh and Katie) are coming from the 16th to the 22nd.. Can't wait to make new friends and have some nice photos for on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Gary and Cindy
    Los Angeles, California
    4th time to CN

    Dec 13 to 21, 2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by BackNIowa View Post
    sorry heres our pic from last year

    ok guys were back, for those we met on here in person, we had one awesome time. If anyone participated in the water torpedo or shots or dinner whatever. dmfd helped save my friends toe. Man what a week!!!

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    Default Water Torpedo

    Best darn time ever. Loved the torpedo. How are the toes???


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    toe is for sure busted kurt said. it was a good time. we need to trade emails so we can send pics back and forth. Also i want that video from the floatie bridge

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