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    We want to book before deadline and was wondering how we can spend 5 days at CN and 5 days CTI. How do we get from one place to the other? Does the hotel provide transportation? We've been to CN 5 times and would like to try other side but need still need to go home to CN. Also are they going to bring back the slot machines at CN we realy miss them!!! Thanks and keep it jiggen!!!!

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    I can't answer about the slot machines, but I can about the split. Just book 5 nights at each resort and Couples will provide your transportation to the other resort. And you don't have to go back to the airport, it's a direct drive from CN to CTI. We asked this same question because we're booking a CTI/CSA split for 2011. We book directly through Couples by calling the 800 number. Have fun!
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    Help randymon only 5more days to book

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