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    I want to leave behind the trees that are budding,
    and the grasses the are turning green.
    I want to say good-bye to winter coats and boots,
    and go somewhere where they have never seen,

    Snow or sleet or freezing rain or any of winter's ills,
    I want to hold a cool drink in my hand and I want
    to drink my fill.

    A place where the sky is blue from sun-up to sun-down
    and warm gentle breezes caress my face.
    I want to bask in the glow of the sun, then I'll know,
    I'm in the right place.

    I'll be in he land of the Hummingbirds, a bird of some distinction,
    Three hundred and fifty varieties live there, no worries about their extinction.
    For the fortieth time we will pack all our stuff and prepare to have the time of our lives,
    Along with many other couples enjoying themselves, lots of smiling happy husbands and wives.

    The island is usually our very first stop as the sun rises on our first full day,
    With breakfast behind us, we head for the dock, then out to he rock, where we'll stay,
    Until around five o'clock, when we must leave the rock,
    Pack up our belongings and head out,
    It's been another marvelous day spent with friends,
    the evening will be the same, no doubt.

    We're into single digits in just a couple of more days,
    So I know it can't be that long before we depart,
    I'm anxious and fidgety and super excited, oh please, be still my heart.

    I can't imagine what our life would be like without having found our tropical treasure, that's a very unpleasant thought.
    I'd rather think of the upcoming trip,
    And be glad for all that we've got.

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    As always, it is nice to read your thoughts.

    We will be in single digits in a little over two weeks. Going to be at CSS April 23-30. Will you and Mrs. Crabracer still be at Tower Isle then? We might end up doing a trading places day and visit the island again. (We have visited it in two of our past visits, and definitely enjoy an afternoon of hanging out on the island)
    Is this Love that I'm feelin'?

    CSS March 2013, April/May 2014, April 2015, April 2016 Soon Come
    CN April 2014

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