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    Default arrival question please help

    Hello we are headed to CN on Oct 31st. We have a group of people going but 1 couple ended up on a different flight which lands 20 minutes later. My question is has anyone ever requested to wait for the rest of their party so all may ride together to the resort??? We really want to all travel together (8 people total) and hoping we can wait for them since their arrival time is only 20 minutes behind ours. Any help is greatly appreciated
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    We waited over an hour for our friends to arrive. No problem mon!!! Have fun

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    You will hear this alot with questions like this....


    The Couples lounge has plenty of cold drinks.

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    No problem, mon! Just tell the wonderful, smiling staff at the lounge that you want to wait, then belly-up to the bar for a cold drink.
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    Poor Tommywommy & Peggyweggy and a group of 4 more waited over 1-1/2 hrs for us last two trips so that we could ride over together. They will do everything they can to accomodate you.

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    If there is a bus ready to go, just request to wait for the next one.

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