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    Default Running the Beach at CTI

    J and I enjoy a morning run on teh beach, is this something we can do at CTI? is the beach continuous along the coastline?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated..13 days and counting!

    Mike and Jen
    Nov 6 - 14

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    Boy are you two in for a surprise. The length of the beach is less than 100 yards. But I have seen plenty of people that run it back and forth. Just remember that in Jamaica, and especially at Couples, there are no problems, only situations.
    Enjoy your stay. We are right behind you with 18 days left.


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    Richie, I too would be in for a suprise.....if I was going to "run" the beach, I would start on the east end and run to the west end....however, I would definitely have to stop at the juice bar for a break before continuing on. This running that people keep talking about confuses me. I say, quit stealing stuff, then people quit chasing you, and you don't have to run anymore...........
    Enjoy your trip and pray for June to hurry up and get here.
    Best Wishes

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