View Poll Results: Do you use Early Booking Specials?

85. You may not vote on this poll
  • We book more than 12 months in advance of our trip

    14 16.47%
  • We book more than 10 months in advance of our trip

    30 35.29%
  • We book more than 8 months in advance of our trip

    28 32.94%
  • We book less than 6 months in advance of our trip

    19 22.35%
  • Would you expect a better discount if you book 12 months in advance?

    31 36.47%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Default Early Booking Specials

    Early Booking Specials

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    Jimbo ~ I really didn't know how to answer. We have booked 5 months, 7 months, 6 months & 8 months. So I guess you can pick from there. LOL

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    well of course! you'd be a fool if you didn't!

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    Perhaps ALL Polls created should be placed in a seperate grouping. Perhaps under Meet Up at Couples.

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    OK Princess

    You found a flaw in the poll. You keep the crown.

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    Just DO it, Jim! Call it COUPLES POLLS. If admin doesn't like it, it simply won't fly. If they DO like it, we have a special location for polls. I agree that all polls need to be grouped.

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    Default message board is a bit cumbersome

    I'm sure I'll catch on if I work at it. I'd be nervous that the message board will lose people who don't have the patience. Just tried to reply to a poll and it was not absolutely clear how to do it. The new board is probably much better than the old one --I just enjoyed the simplicity -- come home - check in at other "home" easy..simple and uncomplicated ...a break from the trials and tribulations and complexity of life at this home.

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    I will not book until I can get flight info, so 330 days in advance is as far as I can go.

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