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    Default STL - MBJ Charter Flight Return "Situation" - Anyone else?

    Just wondering if anyone ran into this -- I will try not to rant too much because its not a PROBLEM, its just a SITUATION -- but still annoying.

    We are booked for Dec 7-21 at CN and will be celebrating our one year anniversary there. Last week, our TA called us -- Funjet has cancelled our return on the 21st on USA3000 and we are now scheduled on SunCountry on the 20th. We were going to try to rebook on a scheduled airline so we could keep our 14th day but it would have cost us an extra $318 to do that. Since the USA3000 flight arrives late in MBJ on the 7th and the Sun Country flight leaves at 11:45 on the 20th, we are effectively losing yet another day at the resort. BUMMER.

    The really sad part is we will be missing a CN family member's birthday because we leave a day early.

    Has anyone else in the STL area had this problem?

    Linda Matthews (leoconnor)

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    I attempted to book a vacation with couples that had flights going through stl that utilized the usa3000 flights to MBJ, they were still listed on the site but when I tried to book it, it failed sailing the flights were no longer available.. the next flight option on those same days cost an extra 300 a person, so we looked for different days and different flights. Ended up moving to flights that connect in Memphis instead of STL and on a Wednesday instead of monday.. but our trip dates were totally flexible. Our flight times are WAY better now but the cost went up about 250 a person... but it will be worth it for the extra time we get to enjoy Jamaica.

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    Oy. We had tried booking in September for our trip for next summer with Funjet. The booking had gone through and about a week later they called us to say the all charter flights out of STL, or at least their charters, after Dec 19 were canceled. That's where your return flight disappeared too. They could offer no chartered non-stops for next summer, so we canceled the whole thing and booked on our own. We are making a single stop over both ways in Charlotte, but the departure and arrival times are almost the same as the charter schedule.

    There were apperantly some contractural problems between the charter airlines and the travel agencies for Caribbean flights and they are letting the current contracts expire, in December. They had no idea when or even if they will offer non-stop charters beyond December. What a mess.

    Hope your trip goes well in spite of the travel glitch.

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    Default Same flight down...

    Hey Linda, How are you and Mike doing? Pandora and I will be on the same flight going down but we are coming back on the 14th. Lucky you, fourteen days, or I hope it ends up fourteen days for you all. I'm sure we will see you all at the airport and down there also, look right...

    Later..............Joe D.

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    Linda, so sorry you are still having trouble with the trip. i just hope with the Northwest/Delta merger we dont lose the flight we take out of Memphis.


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    Hey Linda. We are actually going next week (I hope, we currently have colds. I hope to kick it so I can dive.) Anyway, we ended up booking via Funjet on US Airways through Charlotte. The USA3000 flights leave so late from STL that we looked for another option. The flight arrives at 12:33 in MBJ and leaves MBJ at 3:27. Our trip for next summer arrives MBJ at 11:30. let me know if you want more detail I can drop you an e-mail.

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    The charter flight gets in too late, so you miss the repeater dinner and most of a day.
    We are going through Miami.
    TOMORROW at 00:dark am

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    Thanks everyone for the replies. We ended up taking the SunCountry flight and were able to get the credit for one night. Since Lambert is turning out to be such a ghost town airport, we are not surprised that the charter flights are going the way of AA. Next trip we will either try the Memphis flight or go through Miami. Or move somewhere with a bigger airport. ;-)

    Realize there are so many more things out in the world to worry about, so we're not going to sweat it. Its no problem, just a situation..

    Still happy that we are going HOME!

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    Linda, did i forget to tell you that the Memphis flight is the official Tommywommy flight? we had a great time on it this year.


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