Just wondering if anyone ran into this -- I will try not to rant too much because its not a PROBLEM, its just a SITUATION -- but still annoying.

We are booked for Dec 7-21 at CN and will be celebrating our one year anniversary there. Last week, our TA called us -- Funjet has cancelled our return on the 21st on USA3000 and we are now scheduled on SunCountry on the 20th. We were going to try to rebook on a scheduled airline so we could keep our 14th day but it would have cost us an extra $318 to do that. Since the USA3000 flight arrives late in MBJ on the 7th and the Sun Country flight leaves at 11:45 on the 20th, we are effectively losing yet another day at the resort. BUMMER.

The really sad part is we will be missing a CN family member's birthday because we leave a day early.

Has anyone else in the STL area had this problem?

Linda Matthews (leoconnor)