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    Default The 10 0 Cean newspaper just printed that "It's the perfect time to book a trip to on

    Peggy and I are going to CN on April 10-17,2010 and then transferring over to CSS for April 17-24,2010...We are are going to do a Trading Places Day over to CTI on Wednesday April 21,2010.
    We would love for ALL of you to join us.

    The rates are low but going up the end of October..So if you are thinking of,and we all are, going to a Couples Resort then NOW is the time to book it.

    You can get yourself an item from
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    Default Hello 10-O-C!!!

    Good to see the old "Hug Mobile" out and ready for deliveries again! No Salty Dogs BEFORE you drive that thing!! Hugs, Lori

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    Wish we could join you, but the wife has to work.
    Irie Mon

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    Dang Tommy, looks like we'll barely be missing you, being that we're not arriving at CN until 4/17. I'm guesing our respective transfer shuttles may be driving by each other at some point on the road.

    Would like to have personally met you and Peggy. Just reading all your posts and those who post to you, I already feel I know you a bit as it is. I promise I'll down a Salty Dog in your honor (but don't tell Jim I said this, he may not sell me one of his funky hats).

    Ruff Ruff.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Cheers to you and Peggy Tommy have a salty dog for Kim and I!
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