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    Default Topless sunbathing

    What is the logic behind not allowing topless sunbathing at the pools? It's allowed on the beaches (unless it's an Au Natural beach), but not at the pools &/or hot tubs. Just curious, thanks!
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    Hi VaCouple,

    The decision to allow topless sunbathing at the beach and/or pool is an upper management decision for each property. Hope that helps clarify!

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    I understand it was a decision made by the owner/management. I am wanting to know why? If you can be topless on the beach, why not in the pool? or in a hot tub? I get that it's a rule, but wanting to understand the logic behind the decision.

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    I would guess it's because it seems like it's know more as a beach thing than a pool thing. Beach is more open than the common resort areas where the pools are located. That said I wouldn't be against it personally.

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