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    Hi all - I discovered this board while researching a tropical place to celebrate my 50th birthday (and 24th anniversary). I like the whole Couples vibe, as evidenced by all the cool folks who post on this board. I have read most all of the A/N section.

    I am very interested in the A/N aspects of the resorts, but my wife just can't embrace the idea. She's not generally a prude, or uptight, but for whatever reason she just can't get on board. I have had her read various posts, but no go. I do think that once she sees what it's really like she may feel differently, but I respect her feelings. She is not opposed to seeing others naked, and is OK with being topless. And I think she may warm up to the idea of being nude herself (we'll try the 30 minute visit), but if not I'd like to have a backup plan.

    So now to the actual question: given the more public status of the CN beach would it be permissible for her to wear a bottom? Or alternatively, are there other areas of the same stretch of beach we could walk to where I could be "nude" and she "prude"?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    All of the information on the board is really clear about the rules of the A/N beach at CN. It is all natural and not topless or clothing optional. Nudity is not allowed on the same stretch of the beach where it is not marked as the A/N section. The reason for the rules is to protect the couples environment. Over time, people have tried to bend the rules or justify their reasoning for why the rules shouldn't apply to them. My advice (not that you asked) is to respect your wife's wishes and enjoy CN with your clothes on. If you feel really strongly about the need to be nude on your vacation, there are other resorts in Negril that have clothing optional beaches. Good luck and Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

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    She can go topless on the normal beach if she wants to try it out but you need to be suited up there. If she feels OK doing that then maybe she will be ok going to the nude beach and dropping trow.

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    For your actual questions - Couples AN areas are Nude only so it generally would not be permissible for her to wear a bottom. She can go topless on the main beach but then you would need your suit on.

    Regarding the other areas of the beach. We have walked the entire beach and the are no other nude areas.

    Not the answers you were looking for but it is what it is.

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    First, the A/N beach area is not clothing-optional. No clothing is allowed there, besides hats and footwear.
    Second, your wife can be topless-only anywhere on the prude beach, but not at the pools.
    Third, unfortunately, there is not an area where you can be fully nude and her prude, or even topless-only.

    Give it that 30 minutes on the A/N beach. I'm sure that'll be all it takes for her to "warm up".

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    Lots of couples were convinced to try AN just by talking to others that have. Nonchalantly bring up your concerns when you meet people either on the shuttle ride or at the bars and see if others have tried it. Don't worry, there are many others just as curious as you are. Anyone who has, will be your best advocate. If your wife hears what a great experience it is from someone in person, it might encourage her enough to give it a try. She will understand that people that frequent the AN areas are normal people...just like her.

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    If it is not too late for you to adjust your schedule I would suggest splitting time at Couples San Souci. The A/N beach there is much more private and set away from the main resort -- it is even behind a fence now. The beach is pretty large and you can sit on the far end of the beach and be away from most of the folks. It was a great introduction for us newbies. Not that we have done it we have no problems with A/N.

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    honestly I think your wife would be more uncomfortable being the only one with bottoms on as she would stand out. We just returned from our 5th trip and most days there were maybe 10 couples, so finding a quiet alone space would not have been a problem. i also agree that SSB would be a great place to first try it.

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    Spent our 10th Superbowl weekend on the CN A/N beach -- it was terrific! There was 78-84 people on the beach every day of that weekend! ....and it was still as relaxing as ever.... yes there were a few women that tried to wear bottoms (must have been newbies).... within a short amount of time they were asked by security to follow the rules or leave. Everybody complied without any major incidents. I know that it made everybody else feel much more comfortable.... for those that always say "what's the big deal?".... they are the ones that don't understand the underlying concept. Its not the nudity per se, its the fact that everyone is on equal ground, without pretenses... in this case pretenses to be without are clothes. You will not find nicer people on the beach than those on the A/N beach! I have seen many times in the past when someone decides they want to circumvent the rules of the A/N beach and then put up a fight about it--they just don't get it...and really self-ostersize themselves from everybody else....

    If Couples was to just ignore their own rules, then where would it stop... single males can spend the day on the beach alone....males can where bottoms.... photography is allowed w/o permission... etc. etc. There is no excuses... if you look at the signs as you enter that beach they say All Nude, no clothes, no single males, no photography... they are quite explicit....

    I will get off my soapbox... just speaking of our extensive experience on our favorite beach on the world...literally! We have met so many friends from around the world over the years and meet more and more every year! I hope everybody else has the same positive experience as us.... and it all starts without pretenses.

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    We were there over Super Bowl weekend too! I have a nice all over tan.

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    Pretty sure it is no singles, no single males, no single females!

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    Thanks to all for the replies. I totally get the reasoning behind the rules, and I would never want to act in a manner that would make others uncomfortable.

    Since posting my question I have done a lot more reading of this board, which has lead to a followup question. I saw a post similar to mine (reluctant spouse) and a unique suggestion was put forth. At the end of the physical divider between the Nude and Prude areas there is a short fence. From there there is an imaginary line, or maybe a rope (?) to the water. What if we were to set up 2 loungers, one on each side of the dividing line? That way I could be nude and she could be comfortable in whatever. I know that I would be exposed to the walkers on the beach, but that'd be OK.

    She is willing to give it the 30 minute try, but if that's a no-go could the above suggestion be a next-best-option?

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    Glad she agreed to the 30 min, I have a feeling you'll end up staying as we did the same.

    No, you cannot go as a single onto the nude beach. Couples only, with no clothes on. Don't mean to be snotty, I just don't get why people can't grasp this and try to create their own rules all the time. The thread you took that info from was 4 years old. If it applied back then it certainly doesn't now. Things are nice on the A/N beach because it's couples only.

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    Couples only and totally nude are the only reasons my wife will go. A level playing field.

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    We just returned from our 8th trip to CN and I would suggest you both give it a 30min try early in your vacation and I think she will be hooked. We spend all our time on the an side and everyone is so friendly and carefree, just a great place. However if she feels uncomfortable after the 30 mins then you should respect her choice and let it go. Chalk it up to one of your bucket list items.
    Enjoy, the whole resort is great.

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    Totally agree!
    Quote Originally Posted by Questor View Post
    Couples only and totally nude are the only reasons my wife will go. A level playing field.

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