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Remember it well. It made me feel like I was being treated as a respected guest. Now it feels more like a cattle corral, while I'm saying 'moo' going through the line. We have two trips this year and two next already booked but really this is the last chance here in two weeks, else I'm done. Just in the past six years we have spent 10 months at the facilities. Before that much, much more time we can't remember that far back. So it will take much for us to change but we are about there.
Believe me, ddaugherty... AND COUPLES - TAKE NOTE!!!... There are plenty of us old school, year in and year out clients who constitute the real customer "base" who feel the same way. We have, in fact, sampled a few of the non-inclusive properties on the same stretch of Negril Beach in the last two years. We'll likely do so again, due to budget concerns, frankly, but SweptAway is still our home. However, if the trend to cater to the one-and-done customer continues, we'll assume that we are being written off as high maintenance geezers and regrettably move on. End of October, Couples... Take note... There will be a test after class.