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    I saw a post on the old message board that indicated that the tennis courts at CTI might not be open yet. Is this true? I am an active player and was looking forward to getting at least one clinic in while at CTI the week of July 19th. If I can't it won't ruin the whole vacation. Paula and I both like to dive, but it sure would be great to do both.

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    I had heard that three of the courts had been covered with the astroturf sand surface. Can anybody confirm the current status as well as whether Colin is still the tennis pro at CTI? Looking forward to returning in December.

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    Hi floks! Colin looked like he was ready to take on anyone who would dare! Ha! We were there in June and the courts are up and ready for ya!

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    Thanx for the reply. After all this time I thought my post was going unnoticed. Looking forward to my 1st couples experience in 2 weeks and just want everything to be perfect. Tennis in the am. A great way to start the day.


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