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    Default Does Motorized Water Sports increase overall price

    Does the unlimited motorized water sports that so many of us do not use increase the price for all? In the 12 times we have vacationed in Jamaica we stayed at other resorts in Jamaica that charge for the motorized sports. We have been to CN 5 times and notice the dive boat going out 2-3 times a day with 10 or so people on it. The ski boats has maybe 5 people a day using it. The dive boat probably cost at least 350K and the ski boat 75k in the US. The dive boat has 4 employees on it including a divemaster or 2. The snorkeling and glass bottom boat gets plenty of use also. The cat cruise is also an expense. In the 5 times we have been there we have only gone out on the cat one time and I took the beginner dive course once with no other use of the water sports.. I would gladly had paid extra for them when used if my overall price was lower. The people who use the motorized motor spots still eat, drink and use the other services provide by couple's. With the amount of people who do not use them could couple's charge individuals that do use them and reduce the price for the rest of us that do not?
    Terry & Lynne

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    I think one of of the main reasons so many people go to Couples is because it is ALL inclusive. It's great for active people who want to take part in activities without worrying about paying extra. There may be facilities that you use that others don't. I don't use the dive boat, but I don't mind that others do. I know that I go for the atmosphere, entertainment, great food and drinks and fun activities available when I am in the mood to participate. If you want a la cart pricing, there are many resorts available for that.

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    We do not dive either, but I am so glad it is available.....someday, spur of the moment, I just may want to learn!
    We specifically choose Couples resorts for all of the included activities, even though we often find that sand gravity takes over very quickly...... we love that too! I would hate to see any of the offered activities or equipment become a la carte and be surprised by my bill when I check out. We don't drink much either, but we certainly would not want to pay "extra" for the bar. We don't eat as much as some others, but again, I don't want to constantly try to keep track of any a la carte spending. One of the best things about Couples is their ALL INCLUSIVE philosophies and I for one would be very disappointed if that changed.
    Gene and Jeanne
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    Terry it becomes a very slippery slope when you start charging for things that not everyone is using. You might not use the motorized equipment, but you do drink. I know of those who don't drink or perhaps don't go to the reservation restaurants. I know couples who only eat at the buffets and don't want ala carte. Some don't use the veggie bar, others only use the beach, but not the pool. Some don't even know the game room, computer room, or workout rooms exist. Should all of those only be charged if you use them, eat them, drink them, participate in them? Keep Couples the way it is. Let the options be free to all those who want to use them. I don't want to see a long bill at the end of my stay that I have to reconcile to make sure I was only charged for the activities that I did. You can get that when you go on a cruise. No thank you! Keep it all inclusive and the vacation becomes much more relaxed as well as check out time.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    We are taking our first trip in may and choose couples for the true all-inclusive experience. We will be diving and got certified here at home so we will be ready when we get there. We will not plan on going to Dunns River, waterskiing, or using the gym (this is a vacation!) we rarely drink and when we do one or two is more then enough. We probably will not partake in many of the scheduled activities either. With all that said I am glad that if I choose to do any of those things they are available at no extra charge. I may wake up one morning and decide Dunn river falls sounds like fun. Who knows, the point is we choose to spend a little more and not have to wonder if something is included with the package we bought.

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    I have not once been on the dive boat when there are 4 employees and 2 dive-masters. The most I've ever seen is 3 total but usually 2, that's the dive-master and one crew member. This has been discussed on here before and the stuff your talking about is available at many resorts all over the world. The great thing about Couples is the true all-inclusive nature of the resort. I don't mean to be a jerk but the kind of atmosphere you're talking about is widely available in Punta Cana, which is why we will never return to the Dominican. I love being able to do anything I want at the resort and knowing that my vacation is payed for.

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    We learned to dive because of the inclusion. Would I ever say they should not do water skiing or glass bottom boat tours becausr I have never used them in the ,ast ten years? Absolutely not! It is fantastic they offer this and at the price of the Couples Resorts. If you want a cheaper less inclusive Resort, they are out there but not to the standars of Couples. Good luck finding something that suits.

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    I think it's important to consider that the dive shop/crew/boat earn incremental additional income for the resort through certification classes. We spent $600 on scuba on our trip. We'll likely spend more next time, advancing our certification level.

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