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    Default Just returned from CSA!!

    CSA was a very nice resort. Shuttle takes about an hour + drive from the airport, but scenic (get to see alot of the countryside/locals/shops/goats,etc.). We had the Garden View, which was perfect. Rooms are spacious, and deck is very large. Ladies..note that the bathroom has no ceiling, so incense or travel candle is ideal(smile). Food was the best - consistently. Service was good. Each day it rained (either in the a.m. or p.m.). If you can grab a hut, it's a great way to watch the clouds and rain without getting wet. If it rained in the a.m., the sun would come out in the afternoon...if it rained in the p.m., the sun would come out in the morning...which meant we would get up early to enjoy. Feathers and Lemongrass was wonderful. For a truly romantic dinner (and if it's not raining), try and get a table on the deck at Lemongrass. Tiki torches, live music can be heard (they will be playing downstairs) and intimate. Speaking of which, if your dinner at Lemongrass is 8:30 pm, they will not let you in any earlier. But they have a nice bar which is highly recommended if you want a good seat at Lemongrass.

    Water activities were great. Sign up for dinner/water sports/spa after you check-in for best time/days.

    CSA gets suprisingly quiet around 11:00 pm. They have a 'club' which plays live/recorded music, but depending on what type of entertainment is going on, don't expect a "funky night life".

    Be sure to take the time to walk along the beach (we did appx. 6 miles a day). Locals will try and sell you stuff (a bit aggressive at times), but just kindly shake your head and they seem to leave you alone. Security was very visible and kept an eye out on everyone.

    Overall, a great experience. Would highly recommend to our family/friends. Especially for newlyweds (we met alot of them!) and anniversaries.

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    Thanks for the review!!! Those are some of the reasons we return every April.

    Counting the days!!


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    That is a typical weather pattern for October. It is the wettest month of the year.

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