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    Default Management is listining!

    After all the push back regarding the 2017 price increases I believe Management is listening! I just checked the 2017 rates for CTI for the same room and same dates that we are coming home this year and it comes out to be 84.00 cheaper then we are paying for 2016 with a 250.00 resort credit as well! You must book before Sunday. Thank you Couples management for listening to your loyal customers... See you both this year and next!!!

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    WooHoo....saving almost $100 off of my 2017 reservation. I was able to get it switched to the lower rate. I do wish we wouldn't have to go through this almost yearly though!

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    Holy crow! The price went down $559 for our 7 night May 2017 reservation. WOW!!!

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    CTI 2017

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    Thank you.... Love ya....

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    But why do we repeaters have to, basically, throw a fit to get management to look at what they have done. Now if they would just cut out the large group weddings at the smaller resorts. It's kind of hard to get away from the large groups at CTI with it being so compact.

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    I just booked for September of 2017 and the price was the same for our 2016 trip. Guess they listened
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    I booked our week for Feb 2017 and paid $34 more than this year for CN.......I can live with that for sure.

    Nine more sleeps and we are there!!!!!!!!!!

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    Our August 2017 booking rates did not move down, sad face....still pricey...$552 per night.

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