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    Thinking about Couples Negril & getting a Deluxe Beachfront Room. What are the rooms like? Size? Can you see the ocean from your room??? Are 2nd floor balcony's the way to go??? Or first floor with patio's?? How many steps to get up to the 2nd floor?I'd love to have a view of the ocean. Just want to make sure I know what I'm getting. Much thanks! Jeez I ask a lot of questions.

    Thanks everyone.

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    I think that there is about 16 steps total up to the second floor. I might be wrong, too many dirty bananas, but in my rum soaked memory I do remember counting 8 then the landing then 8 more.

    Whether or not your can see the ocean from your room really depends on which building you are in. Keep in mind that that the beachfront rooms are not what we think of here in the US as beachfront. Take a look at the map buidlings 6 and 9 have what I think would be the best view of the ocean. But truth be told any room at CN is heaven.

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    did you at least try a search of couples negril room?
    i think you will be suprised how much information has already been shared on this topic also search for building map so you can have an idea on the logistics of each building

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    The beachfront rooms are very nice and overlook the beach. The rooms, I believe, are all about the same size except for the suites. We had a deluxe beachfront room last year (2008) but were actually in the room so little that this year we opted for a garden room -- it was a little less expensive so we could stay a day longer. The longer, the better!! The garden rooms are only a very few steps further from the beach than the beachfront rooms. The rooms are certainly adequate -- not plush by any means -- but the rest of the resort is wonderful, fabulous, and we can't wait to go back again. This is the ONLY resort we have ever returned to again and again. When you arrive, the staff will greet you with "welcome home." That's certainly the feel of the resort. You just can't go wrong with CN. We went to CSS two years ago -- a beautiful resort -- rooms nicer than CN but the resort is sort of on a bluff and there were a lot of stairs -- very uncomfortable for my husband who was facing knee replacement surgery. --

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    We were in 6106 earlier this month and we loved the room! The beach was literally out our back patio door and we could easily see the ocean, though only from outside, not from in the room because of how the buildings are situated. I'd pay the extra again to be right there by everything, especially since we were able to go to the AN hot tub from out our back door with just our little robes without worrying about running into anyone. We were steps from the restaurants and pools. If it weren't for the ferns and trees, I could've thrown something out our door and hit a person in the Terrace restaurant we were that close.

    The ONLY bad thing about building 6 was being able to hear all the music from the Casava Terrace, but if you plan on being out and about all day and until after 11pm, then it's no problem. However, I need my afternoon nap, especially when it's so hot, and it was a bit difficult at times to sleep. I'd probably choose building 9 next time.

    I loved the room! The tub was huge and deep, everything was clean as could be, the bed was comfy and the fluffy pillows were plentiful. We could crank the a/c down to freezing level and between that and the ceiling fan, I never even used the little fan I brought, and that's a first for me in a hotel/resort.

    No matter how much sand we ended up tracking in, we always came back to a spotless floor. The flat panel TV was nice and I loved having a mini bar. I am glad I brought extra hangers because there were very few in the closet. Towels were replaced at least twice a day if we needed them, including the beach towels. We didn't have to go down to the towel hut if we didn't want to.

    I'm glad we didn't spend the money on a suite - it would've been a waste for us.

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    We were in block 6 I think...just to the left of the stairs as you go down from the lobby..second floor in a deluxe ocean view. Here is a picture from our balcony. The other is from directly out our door, no view of the ocean, but it did overlook the au natural beach. The room was good sized, king bed and room to move around in. I don't know how far up to the second floor it is, but I would say it's about the same as a "normal" hotel anywhere in the states. The only thing about the room I didn't care for was the tile floor, but I was also limping around on a sprained knee the whole time we were there. I agree with Kristi, it was a bit loud, but with the doors and shutters closed you could concentrate on other things. Hope the pictures help!
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