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    Default CN Deluxe Beachfront

    Hello! We are planning a trip to CN this coming December and are trying to decide on a room type. Can anyone give me pictures or their thoughts about the Deluxe Beachfront rooms? We love to leave our doors open and listen to the ocean! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    No matter what room you have you will likely not hear the ocean. The surf on Bloody Bay is usually pretty calm. No real sound generated, and what does happen wouldn't carry to your room as the beachfront rooms are not right on the beach.

    We have been to CN 3 times, first time in a beachfront room. Last 2 times in the mid-level that I think they call Deluxe Ocean. We were able to see the ocean from those rooms. The Beachfront had a better view, but not better enough to justify the additional cost, in our opinion.

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    We enjoy the beachfront room and don't mind spending the extra for the view. We like being close to the beach and every morning going out on the deck to the view of the ocean. It is also a shorter walk to the room from the beach and vise versa. These rooms are in the 2 buildings closest to the ocean but you will only see the ocean while on the deck though due to the angle of the buildings.

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