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    Default Question on Couples Trip Insurance

    I have a question about Trip Insurance. I have never purchased it before (for any trip actually - so it all new to me), and I tried reading the paperwork, but I am so confused. Our 3rd trip to CN is April 9th-16th. Our final payment is due on February 24th. I understand that in order to get my $400 deposit back, I need to cancel before the 24th of this month. But what if I purchase the Trip Insurance, is it still the same case?

    Here is our predicament: We booked our 2016 trip in March 2015 thru the Couples Website, and we received a pretty good deal. We booked our airfare for this trip in January 2016. We obviously had every intention on going on our trip. Bad news happened, and we found out that our dog is terminally ill (Stage 4 Renal Failure). We would need to cancel our trip in 3 weeks to not lose our Couples Deposit, but we would be taking a hit on our already booked airfare (booked thru Delta). We already know that we are going to lose her, but we just don't know when that day will come. If she makes it until April (which sadly we do not believe she will, but you really never know), we plain and simple will not be going on our trip. We will not leave her when she needs us most. We are going to be devastated when that sad day comes, but to add insult to injury, if we lose out on a very needed vacation, because we have to cancel so far in advance, we will be doubly bummed.

    If I purchase the Trip Protection (insurance) through Couples can we cancel at any time after our final payment on February 24th? From reading the cancellation policy, this is what I understand:

    1. If we cancel our trip on 2/23/16, we will get our $400 back, and lose our reservation/price for the resort, and our airfare (booked separately, but we would still lose it from Delta - I've already talked to Delta, and understand their cancellation policy).
    2. If we cancel our trip on 3/9/16, we will lose our $400, lose our reservation/price for the resort, and our airfare.
    3. If we let it ride - and end up needing to cancel right before our trip, we pretty much will lose everything.
    4. If we purchase the $180.00 trip protection, we might be able to cancel later on - after March 9th, and still receive some/most of our money back from the hotel (we would still lose our airfare, and I understand that) - this is what I am questioning.

    If anyone has any insight on how the trip protection/insurance works, it would be very helpful!

    Thank you!
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    I have no answer for you Sunset, but I feel your pain. Best wishes and please give your good girl a pat & a scratch from me.

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    So sorry to hear about your dog. We have two dogs and understand how attached you get to them.

    This forum may not be the best place to look for your answer. Click the link on the upper right hand corner of this screen that says Contact. Use the toll free number to give the Corporate office a call. They should be able to help.
    Jack and Kathy
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    As a pet owner who loves my animals, with a daughter who is a Vet Tech, my advice is to put the dog down. Why would you let it suffer thru to it's eventual end?
    Be humane, put the dog out of it's misery, mourn the animal, and then go and enjoy your trip.

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    I by no means am an expert, but I thought you had to purchase the insurance at the same time you made the reservation. If that isn't the case, then make sure you get 'cancel for any reason' insurance and not one where you need a doctor's note regarding the reason you cancelled. I don't think one from a vet will work. If you do get that kind of insurance, then you will be able to cancel up until the day you leave and still get your money back.

    Sorry to hear about your puppy, we have 2 fur-children and our dog had a stroke back in November and it devastated my husband. Our Bear is almost back to normal, but we still stayed very close to him while he recuperated. So I understand your need to be with your pooch. Best of luck.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Sorry to hear about your beloved dog. Is there any way to postpone your trip until May or June?

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    Thank you everyone for your kind words, and help in the matter. I have emailed Couples, and I am awaiting a response. I will give them a call if I do not hear from them soon.

    Artie - Thank you for your advice also, although advice in that matter was not what I was asking for. I am glad that you love your animals, and that your daughter has a wonderful rewarding profession, but I will not be taking your advice.


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    As I read the documentation I have for my trip, with the Couples trip insurance you only get the "cancel for any reason" coverage if purchased within 7 days of your initial deposit. If you purchase anytime after that but before your final payment you can only get coverage for a "covered reason." This may vary by state of residence, but is prominent on the second page of my documents.

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