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    Default Couples Negril Ocean View Rooms....the best view!

    Hello to all of you Couples people!!! My husband and I are returning to Couples Negril this coming April. We always request a high floor, whether we are at CSS, CSA or CN. Which building do you recommend having the best view from the third floor? We have reserved an Ocean View Room on this returning trip.

    Thanks loads. As always, I appreciate your feedback!!!

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    You will be in either building 7 or 8. I think the views may be a little less restricted in building 7. Fewer trees to peek thru. We request building 7 for the closeness to the restaurants, pool, etc.

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    The room category is "ocean," not "ocean view." You might have glimpse of water, but if you're expecting a fantastic view of the ocean, you'll be disappointed.

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