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    My husband and I are planning a 20 year anniversary trip and are looking to stay at CN. We were planning this fall. Does anyone recommend the best time to plan a trip. We were thinking October, but was told to stay away by a friend, is the weather that bad. We can't go until after Mid september, and I really wanted to avoid the holiday season.

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    We go to CSA every other year during the first week of October. It has been beautiful with a little rain most afternoons. I don't think that it ever rained longer than an hour. Hot and humid when it is not raining.

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    Here is one link for Negril weather:
    Appears as if October is a bit rainier (though I bet a 30 minute shower counts as a day with rain on that chart).

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    We are going in October so I'm hoping it will be great!

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    We've been to various Couples for a total of 15 times, 9 of those trips have been October, we have never lost more than an hour or so due to rain. Having said that I do know others who have lost a day or two. I would not avoid October, in fact we are already booked for this year.

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    We have been to CN the last 3 Octobers. Our weather has been great each time. Of course, weather is always a bit of a gamble. The later you go gives you a slightly better chance of missing any tropical storms as the hurricane season is winding down at that time of year. If you can push your trip to November you up your odds a little bit more.

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    We have been in October and November. For the most part the weather has been the same. This past November had the most rain of any of our trips with three full afternoons of rain. Otherwise it has only rained for an hour or so and then back to sun (even in October). You are going to the tropics and risk rain at any point, thus go when you want. (just my opinion).

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    Hi! We have been to Couples 3 times in late October. The fist two trips in '07 and '11 were great weather-wise. It would rain occasionally, but usually short in bouts. We went in 2012 and unfortunately Jamaica was hit by Hurricane Sandy while we were there. Was definitely an experience! Honestly our most rainy visit so far was in June. It rained everyday. We are heading back this October and know we will have a great time NO MATTER WHAT!! You will too!

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    We've been to CTI Sept/Oct 2006 for our wedding, back in Oct 2011 and Oct 2013 then went to CSA May 2015 - we had more rain in May then we've ever had in October. We love going in the fall. Headed back to CTI this October and CN October 2017

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    I don't' remember any rain October 2006...hoping for a repeat for our anniversary

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    You do not want to be there during a Hurricane!

    You can Google all the hurricanes for the past 20 years and see when they where and where they affected, this url is for Jamaica ( , October storms were (Gilda, Iris, Sandy, Wilma). There were many in September a few in November a few in August.

    We have went in September in the past and had the best weather of any visit but who know what will happen this year or next....

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    we've been twice in October '14 & '15. Going again this year, Oct 7-15. Weather hasn't been a problem, light rain one day, each trip

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