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    We are starting to plan our Second visit to Couples resorts! In May we went to CN, now we are going to be planning our Wedding at CSA. Our first trip down we flew American Airlines and had a layover in Miami...but it was a pain in the butt. I want to find a direct flight. I am coming up with AirJamaica...but just wondering how they are?! Anyone ever fly AirJamaica? Or is there any other airlines that fly nonstop to Jamaica that I don't know about?

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    Air Jamaica is a nice airline. They are having a lot of cash issues and are canceling routes. Do other airlines fly direct? It all depends where your are flying out of.
    Irie Mon

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    There are lots of airlines that fly non-stop to MoBay. It all depends on where you are flying out of. Some places have non-stop flights, others dont' Where are you flying out of?

    We have flown AJ 3 times and loved it each time. I wish they still offered a Houston flight.

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    What city are you flying out of? American has nonstops from Chicago to MBJ.

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    Hi Stacy,

    Congratulations, where are you flying from?

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    There have been a number of horror stories concerning Air Jamaica. For a while, they were here in Boston and it was a direct flight. About 31/2 hours. Awesome. Then the company underwent a huge restructuring and is still trying to survive.
    What city are you flying from? We have flown on Delta, American Airlines and U.S. Air out of Boston. No problems with any of them. We stop in Atlanta or Charlotte with no hassles.
    I don't know the current status of AJ,. if it were us, we would not go with AJ at this time.


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    we prefer AJ, although you'll get lots of differing opinions
    we like their nonstops, and the service and times that they fly.
    where do you fly out of? USair also has a nonstop of of Philly, at least they used to.

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    It would help if we knew where you were coming from....

    We fly Delta through Atlanta, and our only problem is dealing with a really cold airport on the way home from paradise. We've learned to keep a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt in our carry-on.

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    We flew Jamaica air and loved it and we are booking flights from Philly to mobay for april 20th th - 30th 2010.
    we think the airline does a great job. We never had a problem with lost baggege.

    Mike & Bonnie Paradise

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    We have flown AJ our last 2 times down from O'hare without any problems---direct flight and get into Montego Bay by 10:30 AM--love it. We are scheduled to fly with them this December.

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    We live in Largo, FL and would love to use Air Jamaica too and heard it was ok. Unfortunately, they only fly direct from Ft. Lauderdale so we wound up booking American via Miami (which we hate also) but that was the best connection we could make. Last time went via Charlotte and that took forever. Going North and then South doesn't make a whole lot of sense but that's the way it is these days.

    Good Luck and have a good vacae. We're going to CTI nov. 28-Dec. 5. Tried to get Couples Negril but they're sold out that week. Used Vacations to go and they're working on it but looking forward to seeing the changes to CTI since we were there 2 years ago.

    Any getaway a good one,
    Take care.

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    AJ does fly non-stop to Jamaica from some cities and we have always loved their service and schedules- never had a problem more than a 40 minute delay on departure from MBJ. Jet Blue and others also fly non stop. It helps to know where you are flying from?

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    Default Air Jamaica

    We're scheduled to fly AirJamaica in a few short weeks. We originally booked a 9 night stay, but AJ changed their schedules and we had to cut two nights off of our stay (our first visit ever, and our honeymoon no less!). We'll be flying from Chicago, and AJ is currently the only non-stop flight available from O'Hare, so we stuck with them to avoid the hassles of connections this time. We heard AJ is having a difficult time financially, so I hope everyone flying with them has no difficulties.

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