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    Default Great House Verandah Suites

    Why is this the only room that on the website they do not show a panoramic view? It is making me nervous b/c this is the type of room we booked. Is there a hammock?

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    No hammock, the rooms look just like every other room on the resort. No worries we booked GHVS for the third straight year, we love them.

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    The only rooms at CSA that have the hammocks are the Atrium Suites. But there are lots of hammocks strung up along the beach.

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    We just got back from our first trip to CSA and stayed in the GHVS. We absolutely loved it. We were a little hesitant because it is one of the cheaper rooms (if not the cheapest) but it worked out perfectly. We liked it because we were close to the pool bar, Patois, Feathers, the casino, internet cafe, two gift shops, and the tour desk. The only down side is that there is a side of the Grat House that faces the adjoinging property and it's not another resort. It's a home of some sort or small BnB. I requested a room that faced the Couples property, didn't get it, but loved our room anyway. We found that we had more privacy on our verandah than the rooms that face th resort. My husband would take his bathing suit off and since we were on the back side of the building and on the 3rd floor, no one could see anything. I would request our room (5209) or the one below it (5109) again in a heartbeat.

    If my photots don't attach, email me at and I'll send them directly, along with any other pic of the property you would like!
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    Great pics! I too was worried about the lack of panoramic view.

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