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    Default Bookstore?

    I'm very much looking forward to reading on the beach! I don't really want to pack a bunch of books, though. Is there a decent bookstore at the resort?

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    Welcome to Couples

    No bookstore at CSA or CTI. Pretty safe bet there isn't a bookstore on the other resorts either. You might find a few books in the gift shop, but don't expect much of a selection. I think there is a book exchange but don't quote me on this. If there is one, I wouldn't count on it being very good.

    Best to bring enough books with you to last for your stay. Make sure your luggage doesn't get too heavy. I have seen a lot of people using e-readers. This would precious luggage space and weight.

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    Each of the resorts has a place where people drop off books they are finished reading. A lending library of sorts. We were cleaning up this past weekend and we have lots of books to liquidate. I am thinking that if luggage space allows, I may bring a few popular titles to leave at CN. While at Couples, my wife has been very lucky finding books that she wants to read (while I have been very lucky finding rum that I want to drink...everyone is happy! ).

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    Upstairs at the Palms over by the ping pong table, there are shelves with books . Take what you want and return.

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    No but there was a free library of books at Swept Away upstairs by the martini bar. A take a book, leave a book kind of option. I left some once.

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    Which resort? I know that CSA has a book exchange library set up near the martini bar/Lemongrass. You can leave your books there when you finish them and grab some new ones. I can't remember if the other resorts have that same thing set up.

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    I am not sure which resort you are staying. At CN I usually take 3 paperbacks and then swapped them (They have a small collection of books people leave behind and have built a small library in the pool room). I then leave every book I have read to help build the selection.

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    I think I remember there was an area at CSA that had some books available. I can't remember for certain, but I think it was upstairs above The Palms, outside the Lemongrass restaurant.

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    You didn't say what resort but at CN the game room has various books that people have left at the resort for other's pleasure. Don't recall an actual "bookstore" anywhere on the resort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kari7178 View Post
    I'm very much looking forward to reading on the beach! I don't really want to pack a bunch of books, though. Is there a decent bookstore at the resort?
    No bookstore, however, you can check out the games room/hut, they quite often have books that you can borrow. I believe that these are books that have been left by or donated by fellow travellers.

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    We've been to all 4 Resorts and they each have a place where you can leave a book you have read and take one from the shelf. It works very well for us - we've found some good beach reads and have left some equally good ones behind. No worries.

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    I agree with Umberto. Invest in a Kindle, download several books that you've been wanting to read, and enjoy reading on the beach. I usually read 2 or 3 books while on vacation, and I'd be disappointed if I relied upon the resort's offerings and they didn't include anything in which I was even remotely interested.

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    I use a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, great for reading and has more flexibility than a Kindle for internet use.

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