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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    Play with the calendar and if possible, flexibility with your dates can help. We might have to change our regular April trip to early May of 2017, but so be it. Playing with dates, I was able to find a few surprisingly affordable time slots.
    This is why I am disappointed that Couples eliminated their rates calendar. It shouldn't be a mystery of what they are charging during different seasons. It should be easier for people to find the period that fits into their budget. I, for one, am flexible with dates but don't have the time to play around with the booking engine to try and determine the dates in which the rates change. Right now, people are getting frustrated with that whole guessing game process and being scared off. Couples will lose customers simply due to their lack of transparency.

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    I was able to book through a highly regarded travel agent at a cost of only $112 more than my previous trip. Very Happy!!

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    I have given up booking thru Couples. I found much better deals on other websites, even taking into account the resort credit. We had decided not to return this year because of the cost, but then my wife found a great deal on Expedia in early July. We return home for 11 days in late March.

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    Just compared rates at CSS for next year vs our trip this year in July and our room has gone up $82 per night. That's a 20% increase. Looks like this might be our last year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdtcoll View Post
    I don't see the early booking special with resort credit. Is it out for all the resorts?
    Yes, it's located on the "Specials" web page found at:

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    In the past, we have found the rate increases to be moderate. For 2017, our fall CN was $34 per night higher than this year, not too bad. However, our usual May CSS trip would be $90 more per night! This seems excessive and we, too, are wondering if we have reached a point where we can't handle both trips! Guess which one would not make the cut? Maybe there will be some adjustments as there were a few years ago.

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    Couples what is going on?

    At CTI you close the Island at the drop of the hat for $$$, not taking care of the people like us that have spent over $25,000 with you. Now your rates are going up $91.00 per night for 2017, $728 for our trip.

    This rate increase will make Couples a Non-Option for us.

    Good luck with your new business plan. You need it.

    Irie Mon

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    I checked the same dates between May 2016 and May 2017, the price increase was 25%! $123 extra a night, how is this possible????
    CSS 5/21-5/31/13
    CSS 4/12-4/24/15

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    We normally book the one bedroom beachfront suite at CSS. But with the 2017 rates as high as they are, even dropping down to the base level deluxe ocean rooms would still be an increase of $86/night!! I cannot justify that high of a cost even when dropping down 2 categories in our room choice.

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    The increase at CN for the dates we travel in December is $23/night. We'll get the $250 resort credit. We didn't feel that was unreasonable; we're booked!

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    So. For us there is not only the rate increase which is staggering, but we have the dead Canadian dollar costing us an additional 45 percent. That would make our cost $788.00 per night. If we keep our reservation for this April, it's going to be our last till the dollars are a little closer in value.

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    Sticker shock here also. Checked CTI for our usual week, first week of July, and it's $97+ a night. Not happening for us unless something changes. The price "coupled" (pun intended) with the large wedding parties is making Couples a less desirable destination for us.

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    We are booking August 2017 7 nights at CSA then moving to CN for 3 nights. Our TA got us a rate beter than the web site. Now I only hope we can afford the Air Fare when we book that in September 2016. Fingers crossed. We have not been in several years and this will be our 25th wedding anniversary celebration.

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    Default April prices

    Quote Originally Posted by BrendaandBruce.PA View Post
    We are coming to CSS this April. This will be out 13th trip to Couples. I checked the prices at CSS for the same time next year, same room, and it is $111 per night more than what we are paying this year. So I told my husband we'd better enjoy the trip this year because we won't be able to go next year. Couples is not glitz and glitter but we have always enjoyed are vacations there. We always felt we were getting more for our money than some of the other all-inclusives. But now, Couples is pricing themselves up there with other resorts that offer more dining options. We realize they have to pay for all the renovations and increases on food and drinks but $888 increase for 8 nights is a bit much.
    What some April people like you and WE-R-PA need to realize about 2017 is that Easter is mid April. That will increase rates. I'm not saying there is not increases across the board, but that will affect April prices.

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    We checked the price for a 2017 trip, our usual first to second week of June at CSA. The price increase was substantial. I decided to play with the dates a bit. Lo and behold; by switching to July we can make our annual trip, for a 10 day stay, for not much more money than this years 9 day trip in June. Same room category, Atrium suite. We haven't booked yet, but are seriously considering it. My wife is a bit jittery about weather and being another month deeper into hurricane season. I realize that not everyone has the flexibility that we have for travel dates. But if you do, check it out. A reasonably priced vacation may still be out there. (I used the Couples booking site for my room pricing) Good luck!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    No special rate - gave us a heart attack on CTI pricing. We have always done our reservations for the following year at this time but at the 'special' pricing currently listed for next year, we may be looking for another vacation place (sadly after so many years at CTI) because the pricing increase is way too much. Hopefully management will see how the approximate 25% rate increase, at least for CTI, is going to drive people away. They may lose more on smaller occupancy revenue than a small price increase and higher occupancy. Sorry, we may not be afford 2017. Sad.

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    I had my TA quote me, and it is 17.5% increase for July 2016 vs. 2017. Just do not understand.

    Irie Mon

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    We had to get a bit creative with our dates. Traveling in the middle of the week does save. We are booking a Friday to Friday this year and this saves us quite a bit. For 2017 we will be paying twice of what we paid back in 2006 for the same room category.

    Life is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by lcanball75 View Post
    Couples has quietly released their 2017 early booking special. To say that I am suffering from a case of sticker shock is an understatement. The same room is $438 more for the same week that I stayed in 2015. I hope 2015 was not my last visit. That is a huge increase. I Love CSA!!

    For us, the new 2017 pricing for the same time, same room as 2016 translates to $114.50 ($167.00 cnd) more per night. We love Couples, but we're going to have to make ourselves think "Outside the Box", and not book trips #10 and #11.
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    i must be missing something- when i apply the "Valentines 365 Sale" offer and check availability and rates for the same room and dates i've been watching for weeks- there isnt any difference in the price. Perhaps im doing something wrong- but doesnt "sale" imply there is some sort of incentive ? There isn't a resort credit involved, just curious. m&s

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    Bert, Thanks for the suggestion to be flexible with dates. While looking to see if we could make another trip in 2016, we found better room rates and airline rates by changing our dates. Our travel agent was a great help...and we made reservations for 2016. We can't make reservations for 2017 as my husband has to attend a tax seminar in early December and we have to wait and see when that is held. Thanks again Bert and Brenda (my travel agent).

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    We just bought $1000 US in Canadian funds and it cost us almost 1.45. I agree about the Canadian dollars low price making Couples and everywhere else more expensive. We were planning to go to Couples Negril for 2 weeks over Xmas and New Year and it was close to double what we paid in 2011/2012. It is slightly more for 10 days than we normally pay for 2 weeks in August and November when we usually visit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShanDean76 View Post
    Bert, Thanks for the suggestion to be flexible with dates...we found better room rates and airline rates by changing our dates.
    That's great ShanDean! I don't see us going in December, but messing around, I found some pretty good CSA dates in early December 2016.

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    2017 is up in the air with all the price increases.

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    I just booked CN through my TA for next year in January, just got back from CN last week. The total cost is only $77 more than I just paid.

    Duane & Mary

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